Cancel the Left

I find that too many pundits on the right speak out against cancel culture. I think that this is an egregious mistake. It's like bringing bats to a gunfight out of principle.

We, the collective US resistance to the globalist/communist invasion, need to whole-heartedly embrace the tactic of cancel culture against the left. Given that the majority of America's wealth and spending potential resides in the hands of conservatives, it's time that we show what the full force of that collective wealth can do against the corporations who choose to take a knee and grovel to the woke whining of leftist agenda. Boycott them all, the NBA, NFL, MLB, Nike, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Gillette... and so on. Watch them crumble when they realize that the demographic to who they're pandering, doesn't actually contribute anything to society, including cash flow. But it has to happen now, for six months from now will be too late.

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