Can We Trust Muslims?

Can We Trust Muslims?

If Islam is superior to Christianity then Muslims would not leave their home country.  You do not have Christians migrating to Islamic lands, because Muslim society is inherently oppressive.  If Muslims were loving then every Muslim would expect prosecution of terrorists.  Instead we see Muslims celebrating the death of Christians, Jews and non-Muslims.  It appears that Islam is intolerate and only grows not because of the superior ideology, but through intimidation. 


Love is far superior than hate.  Christianity is a belief were our God is loving and does not mandate servitude.  Christian faith is based on Free will, not by oppression and threats to non-believers.  Christianity does advocate lying, cheating and stealing, however, Islam the end justifies the means.  Truthful people are self correcting and until Muslims spend more energy countering the bad behaviors and extremism of Islam it is insane to believe that Muslims can be trusted or have a legitimate religion.

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  • As Heather mentioned, basically it's all or none, as far as beliefs & practices be it religion or politics & the twain should not/must not meet. Having said that & though being raised a non-denominational type "Protestant/Christian", IF one chooses a side, or in the case of Islam is forced via brainwashing from age 3 or 4 on up, then in my extremely humble opinion, one is obligated either or both morally & realistically to adhere to the tenets, 110% of which path you chose or was regretfully chosen for you. One also needs to keep in mind, given the opportunity to become enlightened, that the only thing in life that none of us have a choice in is death, all else between alpha & omega is the God given privilege/right of choice, same as having opposing thumbs & forefingers. The entire point of contention here, it seems is what the constitution says about the separation of church & state. Now, not only theoretically but in reality Islam is not a religion, it is a theocracy/ideology/cult basically, that has the consistently stated threat of death/indentured servitude/conversion to all who oppose their satanic standards of everything from women being good for nothing but sex to the stoning of persons who have done nothing short of having been accused to the execution of homosexuals. How in the name of all that's human can those who practice the "fundamentally dark cult of Islam" call it a religion & adhere to the teachings/psychotic ramblings of a murdering pedophile? Please, don't get this man started or I'll tell y'all how I really feel. Also, just for the sake of argument & playing the devils' advocate Heather, don't tell people to "shut up" it defeats all that you said prior.
  • The percentage of radical Muslim is very, very small.  Why hate or fear a whole of a religion?


    Christianity had a brutal beginning and has an even more horrific history.  Remember the burning of women thought to be witches for example?  The Muslim faith itself is one of 'do no harm'.  We must be careful to not judge the whole for the actions of the few.

  • I'm not calling for a Theocracy.  I'm calling for a Constitutional government.  It is clear the Founding Father's had a belief in God and most were some form of Christian faith.  I'm not saying the exercise of the Christian faith has been perfect, and not completely peaceful.  However, the Christian faith embraces truth and truthful faiths are self-correcting.

    The real question is where does our authority reside from?  Is it derive from the handiwork of man (Power - Kings, Rulers, Oligarchies, Democracies - majority rule or lies)  or from divine authority (Value - God, creation, innovation, truth)? 

    You can decide for yourself what foundations to establish your freedoms.  I'm making a stark comparison of a nation heavily influenced by Judiac/Christian principles to nations that have chosen another path and whose people remain oppressed.  I'm not calling for a Theocracy and neither am I a pacifist that will not right wrongs against this nation.  We need to be proud to be a people called Americans and are equal in the eyes of God and other Americans.

  • Well Heather is obviously confused about the Constitution herself, given that it is based on Judeo-Christian law!!
  • I noticed that this particle article kept mentioning Christianity.  I think there needs to be a reintroduction to the First Amendment here, a little piece called The Establishment Clause.  It states, and you can quote me, "Congress shall make no law regarding the Establishment of religion nor prohibit the free excersise thereof."  I could really get behind the Tea Party if you weren't so oblivious to the actual Constitution.  As a Conservative, I am what you would call a "Strict Constitutionist."  You can't pick and choose to what Amendments you want to adhere.  The Founding Fathers did not want this country to become a Theocracy.  Muslims cannot indoctrinate Sharia Law, nor can you indoctrinate Biblical Law.  You both need to read the Constitution, understand it, and shut up.
  • i am orthodox jewish i see the evil in islam but not all muslims are like that one of my closet freinds is muslim and he supports isreali retaliations on gaza hates terriosism. he just wants a good normal life like us all. so not all muslims are bad
  • There is a difference between muslims and islam, we can not trust islam but there are secular muslims that do not follow islams teachings to the letter (as with many christians).

    Any open minded person who has read the Koran will tell you that islam is not a peacefull religion, if they do then they are a liar.  The Koran is full of violence and teachings for the true believers to wage violence against those whoe are not believers in the islamic faith.  Those who study the violent teachings of muhammed become swayed to his perverted views.   Any human being with the slightest shred of morality has to be nauseated by this man and the religion he preached. Mohammed, the supreme religious figurehead of Islam, sanctioned rape and murder, pure and simple.

  • I agree which is why I am running for the U.S. Senate to help protect America's heritage. 


  • Words well said... However there is a typo in the article... Christianity does NOT advocate lying, cheating, and stealing... Islam is the religion of terror, intimidation, hate, ignorance, and intolerance... This is what happens when you don't separate Church from State... I'm very concerned about all the so called freedom movements in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and other countries... I don't trust Muslims... They are scheming to take over the world under the guise of wanting to be democratic nations... After all... Islam's aim is that all the world shall bow down to Allah (The False God) and his Prophet Muhammad (The False Prophet) We as Christians, have been duly warned of the coming of  the trials... The forces of Gog and Magog (Christians vs. Muslims) will meet soon at Armageddon. The prophesy must be fulfilled. The forces of God will triumph over the forces of Islam and the false god and his prophet shall be thrown alive into the lake of fire. I do not fear the second coming of Christ. I have accepted him as my lord and savior. Why should I fear anything?
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