Can We Trust Muslims?

Can We Trust Muslims?

If Islam is superior to Christianity then Muslims would not leave their home country.  You do not have Christians migrating to Islamic lands, because Muslim society is inherently oppressive.  If Muslims were loving then every Muslim would expect prosecution of terrorists.  Instead we see Muslims celebrating the death of Christians, Jews and non-Muslims.  It appears that Islam is intolerate and only grows not because of the superior ideology, but through intimidation. 


Love is far superior than hate.  Christianity is a belief were our God is loving and does not mandate servitude.  Christian faith is based on Free will, not by oppression and threats to non-believers.  Christianity does advocate lying, cheating and stealing, however, Islam the end justifies the means.  Truthful people are self correcting and until Muslims spend more energy countering the bad behaviors and extremism of Islam it is insane to believe that Muslims can be trusted or have a legitimate religion.

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  • Leah, you are saying that the whole is rotten when it is just the few.  The very few.  Most Muslims are peaceful loving people who want the same things we do in life.  I DO speak for myself but I also speak for my Muslim friends who ARE Tea Party members and what you are doing and saying here is fear mongering.  Nothing more.  You make ALL of us as Tea Party members look like bigots and kooks and that is a label the left loves to paste on our foreheads. 


    This kind of conversation is NOT productive and not moving us forward as a group.  It sets us back.  I am not saying there are not terrorists among the radical sect of the Muslim faith.  They exist.  Radicals among the Catholic and Protesant sects exist as well in Ireland.  Radicalism exists everywhere and one of the most endearing things about North America is that after 911 we did not condemn the whole of the Muslim faith for what the few did.


    They are us Leah.  They just want to raise their kids and live in peace the same as we do.  I grew up in the times when we arrested all the Japanese and Germans here during the second world war.  Took away everything they had worked for and earned because we feared what they may do.  Instead the vast majority of those sent to the camps that were old or young enough to join the military did so and fought side by side with our military against other German and Japanese radicals.


    Fear mongering and living in fear means the radicals win.  Do not let them win Leah.  Keep your eye on what is important to the Tea Party around the world which is reining in our national debts and cutting down the size of our intrusive governments.

  • Watch this loud and clear message to Muslims and Islam

    Blessing and Origin of the Nation


  • I am going to state again that the Tea Party is NOT anti Muslim.  Where are you getting this garbage from?  We have Muslims members and this is not productive conversation by any stretch of the imagination.
  • why? i could say the very same for all the evil that has been done to jews by christians. and i dont. so please tell my why you dont beleive me?
  • im devout jewish and i have muslim friends that i would trust with my life. you shouldnt let a few bad eggs make us hate them all. i know a few christians that i wouldnt trust at all! and i dont let that make me hate all christians say what you like about me but not all muslims are bad

  • Great responses, Leah!  Clearly, the imbeciles who try to defend the ignominous cult belief system of Islam don't know anything at all about either of the two diametrically opposed sets of doctrines.  Levitical laws were enacted by God, and do not relegate people of different religious persuasions or non-religious people to sub-human status as does Islam.  Secondly, these imbeciles fail to understand or recognize the Abrahamic and Mosaic covenants and the Decalogue (10 Commandments) supersedes all previous laws.  The first 5 commandments specifically refer to man's relationship to God, and the last 5 refer to man's relationships to eachother.  None of these commandments includes any such instructions to kill, maim, stone or amputate human body parts as found in Muhammadan, Islamic Shari'ah law.  These apologists are experts in taqiyya and typically uneducated on the history of fundamentalist Islam.  IT is the most destructive psychopathic ideology ever devised by man.  There is absolutely no comparison or similarity to Western religions or culture.
  • Leah,

    Great video. I couldn't watch it all. It made me crazy.

    Religion of peace?

    I just read another article from New York.

    Muslim schools are holding classes (yes, in New York City):

    1) How to properly complete a beheading.

    2) How to properly amputate hands and feet.

    3) How to discard these 'remnants' to not be detected.

    This is being taught in elementary schools, in New York City.

    I really don't think Jesus would agree.

  • Great post.

    If there are any peaceful Muslims out there, where is the outrage?

    Why don't we see or hear a great uprising from American Muslims, speaking out against Islamic terror in our own country?

    The silence is deafening.




  • I know Leah these stupid asshole non Muslim liberals don't realize we are trying to save them too in a fight against Sharia coming here as law that is why we need my simple bill to open their eyes.  The Party on Dude crowd would say no way man can't live that way if they see it spelled out. They would say hey Prez man sign that illegal Sharia stuff dude and I will vote for you again if not sorry dude no vote can't take that Sharia stuff too heavy for me.  I believe Obama the power hungry politician will sign and the Muslims will view him as a traitor. If he does not sign Grounds For Impeacment
  • Hey The Person you sound like you are playing What's My Line.  Turn over all the cards and reveal yourself.  God Forbid if Sharia Law is ruled legal in the USA.  But as I said in a comment on my blog on the subject.  Liberals who live more immoral lives than Conservatives would be stoned more by Sharia than Conservatives.  These dummies are so brainwashed by their leftist leaders and media they see as cool that they will be led like lemmings to their deaths.  That would be ironic in a sick way.  Change is not always a good thing and change to Sharia means revolution immediately against Sharia.
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