Can We Trust Muslims?

Can We Trust Muslims?

If Islam is superior to Christianity then Muslims would not leave their home country.  You do not have Christians migrating to Islamic lands, because Muslim society is inherently oppressive.  If Muslims were loving then every Muslim would expect prosecution of terrorists.  Instead we see Muslims celebrating the death of Christians, Jews and non-Muslims.  It appears that Islam is intolerate and only grows not because of the superior ideology, but through intimidation. 


Love is far superior than hate.  Christianity is a belief were our God is loving and does not mandate servitude.  Christian faith is based on Free will, not by oppression and threats to non-believers.  Christianity does advocate lying, cheating and stealing, however, Islam the end justifies the means.  Truthful people are self correcting and until Muslims spend more energy countering the bad behaviors and extremism of Islam it is insane to believe that Muslims can be trusted or have a legitimate religion.

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  • Message To The Person.  We all use our names here what do you got to hide.  Are you a liberal being paid by Obama to plant and cause trouble?  Are you an anti-American Muslim?  Are you wanted?  Your posts sound like strict leftist talking points.  Are you scared?  We believe in freedom of speech and do not harm people because of their speech like your side does.  You want your 15 minutes of fame get the guts and courage of your convictions and reveal your name.  Don't be shy at least your friggin hero Barack Hussein Obama uses his name knowing it is conroversial.  I respect Obama more than you on that point.
  • P.S. The standard rhetoric a muslim uses to deflect anyone shining a light into Islam, is to use the bible as a defense. I mean, they have to. How can you defend murder for allah and all the other awful things in Islam? When i see the words "look at the bible..." I know that for what it is. Deflection and avoidance on the part of muslims. I talk to them every day, and its the standard avoidance tactic. And, I'm not a Jew nor am I a Christian. Just as backdrop info.
  • Look, the Tea Party is not anti Muslim and any talk of us being such a thing is disgraceful.  All Muslims are not radicals and to put them all in the same boat does us a great diservice as an unorganized organization. 


    There are Tea Party members who are Muslims.  Some opf the talk in this here thread is very biased and unnescessary.

  • Can I just be anti PC for a moment? Islam is a 7th century (barbaric, as that time reflected) political and global arabizing ideology and I reject it completely. As a woman that loves freedom and diversity, sharia law is completely unacceptable, and that is the eventual goal of the Islamic community. Whether thats stated openly or veiled. If you want to see a community governed by sharia law and Islam, look at Iran. Doesn't look like a whole lot of fun, does it? As a woman, I completely reject Islam. Its time all Americans woke up to the truth of the human rights nightmare called Islam
  • I the Person has a point about the 3 monotheistic religions, but failed to mention one thing: The only one that seriously advocates the murder and destruction of non-believers is Islam.  There are "peaceful" adherents, of course.  Abberations occur all throughout nature. 

    Islam is the most inhuman, inhumane, un-Godly ideology ever devised.  It is based on subjugation, fear, intimidation, humiliation, and pretty much all the bad-things that exist in human nature.  Just because they call for a love for God, doesn't make them good.  Devil worshipers "love" their "god" also.

  • Juan - well said and I agree.

  • Sirhan Sirhan killed Bobby Kennedy in 1968 -- Muslim

    Lokerbie , Scotland, 192 Americans killed while flying in an airliner  - by Muslims

    World Trade Center bombing  1990's -- Muslims

    World Trade Center 9/11/2001 3000 Americans going to work , killed -  by Muslims

    CNN shows Muslims around the world dancing after 3000 Americans killed 9/11

    Fort Bliss Oct 2009 13 unarmed US soldiers killed by Muslim Psychiatrist 

    All reports indicate all above done in the name of ISLAM;  I have not seen righteous indignation from American Muslims over above.

    Though Muslims practice Islam freely in America, Christians are persecuted, exiled and beheaded in Muslim countries

    I have not heard of any aide sent to Haiti, Japan, Chile, or Louisiana by Muslim countries after natural disasters


  • bullshit
  • Heather, just to clarify, I have no religous affilation and distain republicans as well as democrats.  The fact that there is no established religion in the US is correct and should remain so.


    I the person, I would suggest that this time, you actuall understand what you read.

    Koran 9:29
    Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last day, nor hold the forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and his messenger, nor acknowledge the Religion of Truth from among the People of the Book, until they pay the Jiziyah with willing submission. And feel themselves subdued.

     Here 'People of the Book' refers to Christians and Jews. The 'Religion Of Truth' refers to Islam. So in the above verse Prophet Mohammed is instructing Muslims to fight and torture Christians and Jews (who do not believe in Islamic version of God) until they pay tax to Muslims for their existence. Muslims are also strictly instructed to make the Christians and Jews feel 'subdued'. Allah is truly benign !!!  

    The old testament is as you say, very violent.  The new testament is not.

  • Well, I appreciate the vote of confidence from I the person, but now I gotta say one more thing that's pretty much off subject & that is: when I see infidels, people like me for example, spell the moron's guide to martyrdom, the koran like this Qu'ran it tends to turn my stomach much as when bozObama is referred to as president, ya feelin' me? No offense to you. P.B.U.Me, please.
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