Can We Trust Muslims?

Can We Trust Muslims?

If Islam is superior to Christianity then Muslims would not leave their home country.  You do not have Christians migrating to Islamic lands, because Muslim society is inherently oppressive.  If Muslims were loving then every Muslim would expect prosecution of terrorists.  Instead we see Muslims celebrating the death of Christians, Jews and non-Muslims.  It appears that Islam is intolerate and only grows not because of the superior ideology, but through intimidation. 


Love is far superior than hate.  Christianity is a belief were our God is loving and does not mandate servitude.  Christian faith is based on Free will, not by oppression and threats to non-believers.  Christianity does advocate lying, cheating and stealing, however, Islam the end justifies the means.  Truthful people are self correcting and until Muslims spend more energy countering the bad behaviors and extremism of Islam it is insane to believe that Muslims can be trusted or have a legitimate religion.

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  • This subject is concluded, unless someone can convince me there is any more substantive data.
  • Thanks for the advice (I the person), but I stand by my statements. And my female empowering soul, will never change.

    Happy April fools day everyone! 

  • Ex muslims and Coptics, I must tell you, have helped me to see Islam for what it is. They are the front lines, so to speak. There is a reason why Bin Laden has turned his aim on them. I have the most respect for ex muslims and coptics. It takes a very strong person to leave Islam, considering that their lives are in danger due to it.
  • (I person), just to clarify...Altho I have stated I don't trust muslims, its due to their INDOCTRINATION and their ISLAMIC IDEOLOGY and their condition of DENIAL, that I feel that way. I don't necessarily 'hate' muslim 'people' as you sort of suggest. I do dislike the hateful Islamci rhetoric aimed at non muslims and jews that I hear. And the intolerance of other religions, and the victimization of women and muslim kids in general, for example, bacha bazi boys. As I see it, Its morally correct to dislike an ideology of hate (Islam). Its completely appropriate to hate an ideology that hurts people. And as a free woman, Islam is the most offensive to my gender that I have ever seen. So, from my gut, from my soul, i MUST reject Islam.
  • I'm sorry (I person) but my conviction that Islam is dangerous is based on the facts i see in current events, and the muslims i talk to everyday, that feel the Qur'an is the word of their God, so no revision of it is possible, and that is must be followed LITERALLY, instead of METAPHORICALLY as the bible and other holy books are. I have waited for 10 years post 911, to see a protest in my streets by "moderate muslims"... hasn't happened yet. They support each other as muslims, no matter. And under any circumstances. The muslim community continues to be in denial, about the dangers of their teachings. Therefore, I will stand strong against it, until I see women in Islam empowered, Islamic leaders, providing freedom, and the END of hateful anti-semetic rhetoric promoted by EVERY SINGLE muslim I have ever talked to. And thats alot of muslims.
  • I suggest to people like (I the person) and similar, to just do the research. Read the Qur'an. Read the hadiths and suras. Research how many have died for Islamic honor etc. Just do the research, and you will find us at the end of your search. You judge a tree, by the fruit it bears. Or, this old adage holds true: Go by the actions of a thing, not by the words of said thing. "I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts." ~John Locke
  • Sean - We are dealing with the present not the past, so today are Christians, Catholics, Jews or any other non-Islamic religion advocating terrorist actions.  NO.   Radicals are good at calling people idiots, and excluding opposing perspectives. Hmmm.

  • And juans post yes lets not fight within the tea party over how people are viewed just like the nazis that worked out didnt it? Lastlt u cand protect religious views in the constitution remember div of church and state. For a grouo of people who are to protect the constitution noone seems to have read it. Foynding fathers saw religion as a bad thing when used in plolitics jefferson said it adams and washington did to.
  • Wow. The author actually brings up the dark ages. Lets see as a chatholic I feel ignorance is bliss and the author has proven that. Please pick up a history book and stop watching fox news. In medevil europe when islam was as the height of power all non muslims were allowed to have their churches ooenly worship,taxed the same. Sure somw followers of islam did kill jews and christians for their faith. But christians killed jews during the plauge burning them alive. The point is when u judge everyone based on a small amount of atrocities then you stop being an educated rational person. Lets throw them all in camps bc they are spies oh wait we did that to the japanese in ww2. Ok um letsgo in and liberate them and kill anyone friend or foe who doesnt like how we govern them oh wait we did that to the people in the phillipeans during the spanish war. See the point judge people as individually they are like a good christian.
  • Person - This is off topic, but the documentation you mention is non-existant except for an announcement, which is not an official document.  The birth certificate that you mention is a clearly forgery and few if any will address it unless they blindly follow and agenda vice the truth.   Admission to colleges or institution does not make you a US citizen.  Additionally, rumor has it that Obama had multiple SSN.  Anyhow this off subject and your post is not about truth, but more about an agenda. 
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