While Karl Rowe may have been George W. Bush’s top political advisor, it is George W. Bush and Karl Rowe who have chosen to remain silent as President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats ridicule Republicans, providing an “unopposed pulpit” giving more and more inaccurate credibility to the left-wing main-stream Medias and other Americans.


On many occasions, Karl Rowe attacked TEA Party supporters like Sarah Palin.  For his big mouth and while he supports more Republicans In Name Only (RINO) Republicans, the entire GOP leadership is in retreat.


Sarah Palin was forced out of her Governship office just to work raising enormous money to defend herself against falsified charges brought on by Liberal low-level Democrats. 


As RINOs’ continue, the Republican Party is going to deteriorate to nothing.  Republican leadership needs to readjust their own policies to put SOCIAL ISSUES OVER FISCAL; with that movement; the fiscal concerns will fall in line.



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  • Maybe if we can convince Karl to go home, maybe we can ask him to take McCain, Clinton's, Gore and Carter home with him. Bush went home and stayed home.
  • Propaganda is a military weapon, not just a political one.  Rove needs a history lesson... correction: he needs several of them.

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