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  • Wonder why this has not been covered by the lame stream media ?

  • Donnie-Those of us who had access to aerial RECON in 2003-2004 over Iraq knew that Hussein was moving heavy trucks, probably loaded with WMD and/or missile systems into the Beckka Valley of Syria.  Hussein had well over a year to prepare for the 2003 invasion, and he made good use of his time asset.  The Bakka Valley in eastern Lebanon, near the Syrian boarder has loose sands that are well over 50 ft deep until solid ground is encountered.  The people in USAF aerial RECON has proof positive that the trucks and weapons wee being buried in the deep, soft sand.  We all knew it was just a matter of time before the weapons would be found.  Now the ? is:  Does anybody care?  What is more alarming is with the deterioration of Iraq and rise of ISIS, how and who will gain control of these weapons to insure proper disposal?  

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