Bunch of talking heads.

Hi people, pardon my rant but this is a safe place.Are all of you as tired of all the bullshit coming out of DC as I am? I thought so. So what to do? Write call fax visit, it does help but its time to make our feelings and wants known in a more significant way. I don't really know how this should be done, can a million of us make a difference wandering around the streets of DC? Do we need more? Think about it folks.Here are some of my thoughts. Now we have 15k Russian troops here, a new EO to shut down all communications, do we need to be watching for afalse flag event and implementation of martial law. Load up and stay ever vigilant people.Obama creates a new conflict every day. How will we ever catch up and kick his ass. Obama needs to go but no one has the 'nads to attempt it. Where in the hell are our so called representatives, they are either scared to move or have their heads stuck so far up obamas ass it is frightening.I don't like to mention names of guys on our side but why don't Paul, Cruz or someone start impeachment? Will it not work? Why can't Obama be arrested for something, along with Holder and Hillary. How about obstruction of justice for the Martin rallies. A man cannot get a fair trial when the president sends his minions out to make him look guilty.I think we need to go to DC and chase them all out....
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