Building Meaningful Morality Discussions

I recently picked up a January 2012 issue of Reason Magazine and read an article by Jonathan Haidt on the moral foundations of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  (That article described the six clusters of moral concerns—care/harm, fairness/cheating, liberty/oppression, loyalty/betrayal, authority/subversion, and sanctity/degradation) and to a survey website Haidt and his colleagues have built called

I'll get to my point:  the survey doesn't ask the questions that libertarians and economic conservatives would expect to be asked, and the results processing should be modified to separate moral foundations against a broader spectrum of political ideologies.

What ought to happen is that a group of big-brained people like Andrew Wilkow, Thomas Sowell, etc. would work with Haidt and his colleagues to make a better survey that actually maps morality views  to political ideologies.

reference article:

A better survey would provide data that supports this article:

The existing survey:

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