Budget deal is a bad deal

I can't sit idle and silent on the great "budget deal" reached in Congress.
So, they've agreed to cut $23 billion from the proposed growth in government spending over the next 10 years.
The federal budget is $3.8 Trillion, with a deficit of $642 Billion. Total debt is #17.3 Trillion, 2013 annual revenues were $2.8 Trillion.

Put into terms of a household, minus a bunch of zeros:
If your family was $170,000 in debt, with an annual income of $28,000 and going further into debt by about $650 - $1000 a year. Then, your spouse comes to you and says, "Hey, honey, good news,, I was planning on borrowing another $700 next year without paying off any of our debt, but instead, we're only going to go into debt by $697.70!!" Just how excited would you be?

This is crazy. When are we really going to take a stand against Big Government? Its so frustrating watching this train wreck. The problem is, we're all passengers on this AMTRAK to disaster, and we're taking our kids down with us.


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