Shepard Smith anchor at Fox News complained January 20th, 2015 that the White House had dropped the word ‘News’ from Fox News Placeholders at the State of the Union Lunch Obama held to map out all of their key talking points for his address, hoping no doubt to assure they got it right. Shepard pointed out as he sat next to Brian Williams he noticed his placeholder sign read ‘Brian Williams NBC News’. Then he looked over at David Muir’s from ABC and it read ‘David Muir ABC News’. Both his and fellow anchor from Fox News Bret Baier’s simple read their names with the word “Fox” under it. Remember in 2009 the Obama Administration’s attempt to shut Fox News completely out of the White House Press Core?

Many of the comments over at the NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE Story defended the sleight of hand story claiming Fox News didn’t report ‘news’ and I quickly thought none of the other networks have either when it comes to the Appeal over at the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, the stories of history are being made, but no one is covering it. No one is writing stories about it. What story you ask? Hummmmm.

Yet another first has happened in American political and judicial History and no one see’s the story? ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX news have not called in their political and judicial experts to review the fact that two very experienced Justices have just been laced with corruption charges for failing to recuse themselves destroying a whole panels ORDER and JUDGEMENT and causing a shadow of embarrassment for the whole U.S. Court of Appeals 10th Circuit Court. That’s actually the biggest win in the Nation yet for Birthers who have been protesting that the United States Constitution was in jeopardy!

Of course if the United States Constitution is in jeopardy then so is every black robe in every Court including those of the United States Supreme Court under it, as well as every U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator’s seat, I think and hope you get the point of how important the U.S. Constitution is for all of these positions. Without the U.S. Constitution they simply don’t exist. Ask George Washington how many times King George wiped out the Congress or elected spokesman for the people and called for new elections before our Revolution? That was one of the very angering ways decisions by the elected were subverted entirely by the King and what led to our Revolution. Minus that and it might not have ever happened.

What has happened in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals is by all accounts fascinating for political junkies. Never in all of Birther History for sure has a Judgment and Order by a panel of Judges been wiped out so cleanly. Ok, break it down why is this fascinating? 

Well, when you consider how many Birther Cases have gone up to the United States Supreme Court now and been denied. How many? I can think of more than six, maybe even more than a dozen starting with Phil Berg’s case since 2008 I’ll let NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX News work on that details of that one, (Do you feel vindicated now Shepard Smith (smile), you will see that we never see which Justices are involved in the Conferences if a panel is used or whose on the panel? All we have ever received is “No” answer meaning in conference the Justices refused to take it up.

As we take a step down on the decisions or opinion’s rendered to get to the U.S. Supreme Court we are necessarily faced with two general Courts. Those of a State Supreme Court’s often also deciding not to take it up with no opinion; just a denial or a affirmation of the lower Courts decision, or a U.S. Court of Appeals Circuit Court decision.

So out of all the Court’s in the United States rendered on Birther or the Article II Patriot Platform, we have essentially no word from whose decision was “No” on the U.S. Supreme Court cases, and no opinion’s from the U.S. Supreme Court. Further we have a few Court of Appeal’s opinion’s and a few State Court Decisions that basically upheld the lower Court’s Standing arguments against the plaintiff’s or petitioners smashing their cases into a billion pieces. That’s all we have. Probably the most significant of those was in fact the one from the 9th Circuit Court Orly Taitz argued with a candidate for office in toe Allan Keyes Barnett v. Debra Bowen, but this made no claim for damages to a Campaign and was leveled at the California Secretary of State for basically failing to vet Obama.

That case did not level a claim of damages against Obama for say the infraction of stating he was qualified under oath for the office he was seeking should he be elected. In defense of The Secretary of State(s) they are more or less either relying on what the Candidate says or what the Party’s nomination form states for the Candidate. Rep. Nancy Pelosi filed two forms for Obama in 2008 one for Hawaii and one for the other 49 states dues to Hawaii’s assertion that it must be known that he was qualified under the U.S. Constitution’s demands and not for simply the parties choice. To my knowledge there has never been damage assessment made from any Campaign accept mine against Obama’s Campaign based on his not being qualified. This figures that a Campaign against Obama has not suffered injury or loss due to the investment of the Campaign including commercials, web pages, travel and on and on and on.

In truth I don’t think Allan Keyes Campaign even made commercials at all and sure didn’t come close to Mitt Romney’s Campaign, my campaign actually kept up and so suffered a much heavier or substantial loss or damage as a result of Obama’s ineligibility. So in a sense you had a big claim for damages but the only real damages was a claim against the office of the President itself. No monetary claim whatsoever.

Now to understand the special circumstances coming out of the loss February 3rd, 2015 of Judy v. Obama, is to look at the real victory that unfolded. Unparalleled in any Birther Case History is a total destruction of a Circuit Court of Appeals opinion which has imploded upon that Court by its own dereliction of Justice. You might even call that a manifestation of the Case’s Merit or else why would the Court lower itself to such an implosion of Court corruption?
Two of the three Justices of that panel have received direct favor from two presidential candidates who I opposed in 2012- Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The Defendant’s/Appellee’s in this case are Barack Obama his Campaign Corporation(s) and the DNC Officials and the DNC as a Corporation.

Justice Gregory A. Phillips received his nomination from Defendant Obama. Justice Carlos F. Lucero received his nomination from President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton’s husband. Their very employment in the 10th Circuit Court would not be possible without that favor, so it’s very significant as it encompasses the defendant’s of the case in relation to competitors with or against the Plaintiff, me. If these two Justices would not have their jobs without Obama and Clinton I’d say they favored them and to say otherwise is …what was the words they used to describe my case…wholly incredible, frivolous, and malicious? That fits pretty well actually. Never before in any case against Obama’s eligibility has this happened and it’s a big win! It puts the Court itself on defense, smashes or renders the opinion into a billion pieces and requires the further Action of the Court on the question, “What are they going to do now?”.

To deny that favor exist of which recusal was merited invokes a real claim for corruption that pretty much anyone could comprehend. That’ doesn’t take a legal genius or a great understanding of law. What are the options? Well, they can regroup, form another Panel of three or five they feel has no bias or issue in the Campaign Races and Presidential Appointments of the last decade and render another decision. They could defer the question to the United States Supreme Court for settlement saying “hey, listen we have a problem down here and don’t know the best way to handle it. Could you assist?” 

Either way it invokes careful consideration and maybe more eyes on the case itself. In Birther or Article II Patriot Platform history has that ever happened in a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals? The answer is no, and that means we are in new territory never explored which is for all intensive purposes a victory of progress for we have never been able like this to lay a claim on ‘injustice’ in the Court the population could understand.

Ok so we have established a connection between the Defendant’s and two Justices of the three-Judge- panel. Did their decision reflect that partiality in a reasonable consideration? Let’s break that down.


To understand the absurdity of the Justices declaration that “no claim upon which relief could be granted has been made” would be like stating while looking at a dead body with a head chopped off, no murder has taken place upon which the death penalty exist for; or while looking at a recently robbed banks vault that the joker had just emptied and saying, ‘no burglary has taken place upon which a relief exist. I mean you could say that because maybe the murder didn’t happen in our Country or the Joker is a foreigner not subject to our laws, but that really gets into the absurd realms of extremism and the far limbs and twigs of justice. I think with all of the legal experience we do in this nation, all the brilliant legal minds that we have, that we can do better.

The Justices in the panel decision basically said two things upon two different subjects. First, allowing me third person leeway here speaking as my lawyer, regarding Cody’s Civil Rights as a Candidate for the Office of the President they said in so many words that Cody has no right to a fair and equal race that is based upon the rules within the Constitution’s declarations in the qualifications for the Office of the President because there are no penalties that exist or that have been let’s say criminally or congressionally codified. This is not true.

Acknowledging the truth, Cody has stated, well the entire race for my Presidency has cost around this much and those are the damages that have been received upon me personally, and upon my Campaign based on Obama’s Campaign in this particular race. Its’ like an accident and any insurance job that the defendant should be responsible for because of his reckless and irresponsible driving. Obama should have known better. He claims a license of responsibility. I mean if someone comes up and totals your car wouldn’t you want it fixed by his insurance?

This case not only shows Cody’s civil rights were violated which are absolutely declared in the Constitution by the rules, and the disregard of those rules comporting a standard of illegality, further by some pretty well known Constitutional Acts of Congress (Sherman & Clayton Acts) that actually spell out penalties for the Court to uphold and declare Cody has a right to spell them out to the Court without an Attorney General doing it. That’s Big! It certainly doesn’t happen often, and perhaps never has been seen in the Court. As such it is really new for the Court’s consideration.

To back that up, the Panel of Three Judges did entertain in their language that Cody could not point to a single case like it, but it was done in more of a mocking way to shall we say scuttle ingenuity and unique creativity afforded to an individual, oh say like the recent plea’s for same sex marriage to be given the same tax breaks as heterosexual marriages? Yes, the Court’s have not upheld that for a very long time, it’s pretty unique and the Court even mentions that in their decision June 25th, 2014 in Kitchen v. Herbert.

To for instance render a decision like the Court’s ORDER and JUDGEMENT gave me to the same-sex marriage Plaintiff’s would be for the Court to tell them they were sick and wrong, needed to repent, and find opposite sex relationships to assist in population growth and the continuation of the species BECAUSE that was normal. I pointed this out to the Court. Just because they haven’t seen a case like this in their lifetime or our American History in the Judicial Branch doesn’t give weight to dismissing the principles and good reason they haven’t – No one’s violated them like this usurper since they have been alive!

Now the Court might say “well, no other candidate for President has come to the Court and asked for recompense.” To which, Cody has stated, “You know what there is a good reason for that? The reason Mitt Romney hasn’t come in is because he was actually made an indirect recipient of good will or favor if he wouldn’t. The evidence of that is in U.S. Sen. Res. 511 where all the Republican U.S. Senators voted for a non-binding resolution that naturalized McCain’s ‘natural born citizenship’ in a similar process that an alien would be naturalized. Yes, the Court received this in my pleadings.

This didn’t go through The House of Representatives and it wasn’t signed by an eligible President so it’s non-binding however, the favors that are attached to it are very binding in support politically for his candidacy for President. Would anyone deny that if Mitt Romney really embarrassed the entire spectrum of Republican Senators exposing their drunkenness at a party they were all involved in that they would support him? Think about every State having two Senators and that body being controlled by Democrats. That means Mitt Romney can’t afford to lose a single U.S. Senator, he needs everyone of their support.

Now it wasn’t Mitt Romney’s fault that every single Republican U.S. Senator in 2008 made a deal with all three candidates in U.S. Sen. Res 511 co-sponsor Hillary Clinton and co-sponsor Barack Obama for Sen. McCain but it sure was the ticket he was running on and he had to procure the favor of support and the compromise to that was not to claim damages against Obama’s Campaign for his not being qualified as a natural born Citizen. He also backed away from McCain in 2008 who he’d lost to and failed to bring it up in-house Republican nomination. I didn’t. I jumped in and sued McCain before Obama in fact like the good little write-in Candidate I was.

To say otherwise, Mitt Romney would have to publically declare he didn’t care or need any Republican U.S. Senator’s support. Then he would also have to declare that he didn’t believe in the U.S. Constitution’s demand and qualifications for the Office of the President and he’d rather subvert them in much the same manner Obama has handed out exemptions for Obamacare and ObamaAmnesty which grants Amnesty by Executive Order refusing to uphold Congressional Legislated laws based on a term referred to as deferred prosecution which amounts to a Presidential Favor or pardon from a particular law, order or judgment. Can you imagine those questions being aired on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox news and discussed in their panels over coffee?

Some say the Democrats want more naturalization populations in any form possible Amnesty included because they can get people on the political dole by giving them help and support and telling them if they vote Republican they would necessarily have all this help they are receiving taken away. Some say Republicans don’t mind the same process because it attracts people who are hard workers and want also to preserve the opportunity America offers in keeping the fruits of your own labors and private property ownership along with a slew of other civil rights not afforded in other Countries.

Really the totality of the argument rest upon how big of a swath and how fast it happens because America has always maintained an open door for legal immigration and we are a Country of historical immigrants if you want to walk the trail backwards in every family that has come under the umbrella of the United States Constitution. The problem has been how to handle a rush and break down on the door for those who chose to smash it down or not come through the front door legally. Its’ Congress’s job to decide how big that door is but if they make it the whole border our Nations sovereignty can be placed in jeopardy for a nation without borders is no nation at all and most Nations would agree with that.

If the U.S. all of a sudden decided to not respect borders, oh let’s just say Obama invaded Libya supplied weapons to the gangs taking over the Country killing the President, then pretty soon other nations wouldn’t think very highly of us. Oh I’m sorry, I used an example of Democrats not respecting borders and using our military complex to take over things. That’s kind of a bad example because that’s actually why people want to come to America because they are fleeing oppressive governments and if we are one there’s no reason to come. Maybe that’s what Obama is trying to get across and no one’s printing the story of it? Let’s get back to our discussion as we’ve digressed three paragraphs.

So in theory for the Court, I have argued former Governor Mitt Romney actually has already received his compensation by an award of favor and so he didn’t need to go to Court to get one. I on the other hand have not received any favor from the Republican U.S. Senate and their might be a good reason for that. I sued Sen. McCain in 2008 for not being a ‘natural born Citizen.’ If all of McCain’s U.S. Senator buddies voted for U.S. Sen. Res. 511, and they did, that would necessarily put me on the outside of their favor and I explained this to the Court as a reason they didn’t hear from Gov. Romney as the Republican Nominee in 2012.

The Court cannot simply continue to refuse justice to third parties and independent political stands for fair and equal treatment under the laws. Our Country allows third party candidates allows write-in candidates, and those laws while exercised rarely have claim on precedent cases of the U.S. Supreme Court: Namely Minor v. Happersett which declares a natural born Citizen to be born in the U.S. to Citizen parents! Obama fails this and it’s a decision rendered in a higher court that the lower courts are suppose to uphold!

This panel of Judges in the 10th Circuit Court have not only compromised themselves by not recusing two of the three judges with conflicts of interest favoring the defendant/Appellee, but have set out to flip the bird at the United States Supreme Court precedent case law. It is on those conditions we must at the least recognize this as a big win!

You can read the ORDER and JUDGEMENT here and... you can read my RESPONSE or request for a REHEARING En Blanc here.

Update: Here are the three very important questions I posed to the Court to justify Rehearing if:

Question #1- Does Justice Gregory A. Phillips having ENTERED FOR THE COURT the ORDER AND JUDGEMENT on this case February 3rd,2015 having been considered to the U.S. Senate for Confirmation with the favor of the Appellee/Defendant in this case, Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro in the nomination process and thus his very employment as a Justice in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals constitute an prejudiced dismissal summarily instigated upon the Plaintiff that would seem at best a compromise of judicial discipline in recusal decorum and at worst an impeachable offense?

Question#2- June 25th, 2014 this Court handed down a decision favorable to ‘individual rights’, considered standing and upheld marriage in Kitchen v. Herbert No. 13-4178 and considered the rights of an individual who is unpopular more important per the conflicting referendum of all the people in the entire State of Utah and it’s Constitutional Amendment in the State, which does not come on political easy street; isn’t the ORDER AND JUDGEMENT of this case dismissing it as frivolous a conflict of the Court’s own interest and judgment in that case in the interest of Individual Rights?

Question#3- The conflicting statements in the ORDER and JUDGEMENT asserted by the Court leave criminal mischief, fraud, forgery, and a declaration of the precedent case in Minor v. Happersett regarding a natural born Citizen being “Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents” by the U.S. Supreme Court undefended and a wreck; and fair elections on equal terms for all the Candidates, per race, per qualifications within the U.S. Constitution in total disarray and the Appellant/Plaintiff without recourse in the infringements of his Civil Rights to a fair race; Does this not deserve the attention of the full Court and the political corrections that might be made for the next general election where the entire U.S. population has a stake and claim for fairness, equal treatment under the law in the considerations of our Republic?

I'll keep you updated as things happen and discuss this more in detail so pass it on and keep checking back. Thanks so much for your help and support needed at this time more then ever.
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