BP Oil Relief

Most of us have had our attention captured by the crisis that is currently enveloping the gulf coast region. While I am not a conspiracy theorist, it absolutely amazes me how big companies can commit such egregious acts with virtually no legal or ethical ramification. The sad reality is that when it is all said and done, ten or twenty years from now, we will look back and see that those personally responsible for the acts of this company and/or the company itself will have not been fully held accountable. Furthermore, our political representatives will have done nothing to ensure that this won't happen again.

This is where my nearly 20 years of military service experience kicks in. I have made the realization over the years that individuals usually get away with murder (figuratively speaking) because we don't hold them accountable. The reason for this is that we don't keep good records or organize them in a manner that, when called for, they are readily available.

So with this thought in mind one of my friends, that I recently started a business with, and I have set up the website www.bpoilrelief.com to help affected businesses effectively track their financial losses due to the BP oil spill. We are not out to make money or take advantage of the situation. In fact, it is because my partner's father owns a business in Mobile, Alabama, (Gulf Coast region) that we have realized the need for this kind of website. So, it was with those types of individuals, who are directly feeling the brunt of this tragedy, in mind that we developed this site.

If your business, or any other businesses you know of, are being affected by the BP Oil spill, please check out our website at www.bpoilrelief.com. It's a free tracking system that will allow business owners to keep records of what they lose each day as a result of the spill. This is an efficient way to keep everything documented and organized for their records with little effort on their part.

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  • Obama should not mitigate what is going one either. This spill is very awful. The Oil companies and whoever is profiting from the oil business should be do everything in their hand to clean every drop of oil from the sea and to restitute us, the people, as an act of good faith with programs to clean up the deep sea from polution.
  • I am independent and I think that BP Needs to be accountable for all the damage caused to the Oceans, and spend their resources cleaning it up. Any Oil company should be severely punished if their negligence causes a disaster like this ongoing one.
  • Toddy, how much are they paying you? Really? You want me to believe that this is just a "fluke"? I am not an idiot, please don't talk to me like you think I am one. I understand better then most about the consequences of exploring new sciences of the unknown. But everything we do comes at a cost and at the end of the day one must ask, to what cost is it worth it to risk everything? You can't be so naieve as to expect me to believe your fabricated rhethoric about noone being able to forsee the unthinkable would occur. And if the BP team actually didn't have a plan in place for the unthinkable then my point is proven. What you probably aren't understanding is this was their plan. It is was a cost associated risk that they took because they knew they wouldn't be held accountable. What is sad is, why, they took the risk to begin with. They didn't need the money. They really didn't need the oil, not at the cost of the unthinkable happening. It is pure and absolute recklessness on their part and completey unethical to say the least. Your rhetoric might hold some merit if they were trying to save the planet. But they weren't, were they?

    I believe you missed the whole point of my blog and perhaps you should read it again. And this time pretend I am NOT an idiot.
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