Both strategy and tactics of the Rep Party were botched; clubbing each other, without direction and unity has set them up for failure, right from the start.  WISDOM was not part of the attack!  Each of them fell into the sabotage of Trump, at the same time not aware of his motive.  They were not prepared, warned or equipped to understand the trap that Trump set; he worked in unison with Old Hillary, side tracking them into foolery and time lost in constructive debate. He is not loyal to the Rep Party.

Poor and inexperienced leadership led them into the slaughter.  They needed a seasoned leader; not a way to win victory without one. 

To lose to gangsters; street smart thugs is not only embarrassing, it is dumb. THE ONLY WAY TO DEFEAT the Progressives is to unite in a singular mission with pointed attacks on them,and not on themselves.The only sensible one is Ben Carson; if they only follow his lead.  REMEMBER, PRIDE COMES BEFORE THE FALL!!! They may be smart individuals but they are not wise! Now they are in panic mode without a reliable hockey stick!

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