“Boston Bombing; Why So Many Conspiracy Theories ? “

“Boston Bombing; Why So Many Conspiracy Theories ? “
In another blog article that I wrote nearly two years-ago, I discussed a similar issue as to the constant conspiracy theories that were driving our nation's opinions into a frenzy everywhere and the root issues for those theories at that timehttp://blackroberegimentpastor.blogspot.com/2011/05/lies-deception-and-growing-conspiracy.html. Not much has changed since the writing of that previously written article except for the incredible amount of conspiracy theories that have exploded since the Boston Marathon bombing event. In this article, I will re-explore some of the issues that I mentioned in my previously written article(link posted above) and will as well explore and share with you what needs to be done so that we can rightly divide truth from that of suspicion.
Let's start with the first and probably the biggest issue of cause of conspiracy theories; that is or are; “lies.” The amount of lies being purposely being poured out by our US and other world Governments as well as most of the media can be no better thing then that of “propaganda” for the purposeful change of our society towards Communism and that also of Secularization. Many years ago, It used to be that most of what we as US Citizens were informed by our Government and media were told and presented with fact. I'm sure no one here is ignorant enough to believe that our own Government and it's agents always told the truth back then but we must acknowledge that there has always been lies and deception from some, but in today's Government, the vast majority of what we receive in the way of communication from those in power are purposeful lies and deceit. I'm not going to waste my, or your time in trying to defend any political party regarding which one tells more or less lies because both political party's have their liars and they lie a lot. Same goes for the media as well. Most of our media(Fox News Channel included) is not “news” per se, it's more of commentary and manipulation of facts twisted to fit a corporate paradigm to make money and bring about a public mind-set to benefit those in power who are doing the manipulation for such change. Make sense ?
Let me break it down to you like this; “Trust” is the most important and essential element in any relationship. It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship it is. Trust is the key element to and in communicating in/with any healthy relationship also. If someone lies to you, your trust diminishes(at least it should) regarding what you can, or cannot believe from that person. If what “news” is being reported to me is not factual, but instead is filled with commentary, manipulating those “facts” to be presented with a tainted or untrue outcome, then that person who is giving me so called “facts” cannot be trusted and I must go elsewhere(or on my own explore) to get my facts. Conspiracy theories grow tremendously from such events of having persons, those in power... violate principles of trust. Get it now ?
Personal experiences play a lot in our decision making and trust related issues. There are those however who also contribute to untrue theories about conspiracy's because of their view on life in general is tainted due to mental health and or spiritual related issues. I have provided to my readers here on my past blog articles statistics that show that 1 out of ever five American's has been diagnosed with some sort of mental health issue. After many years of counseling clients professionally, both with substance abuse as well as mental health issues, I'd say that the twenty percent calculation of Americans who suffer with mental illness and or spiritual related issues is actually very low. In fact I'd say that the number of those suffering such issues is much higher then what's being reported. I found a recent article written and posted in the World Net Daily regarding an increase of people suffering from mental illness, quite accurate in fact;http://www.wnd.com/2013/04/americans-snapping-by-the-millions/.
Acknowledging and exploring why so many Americans suffer from such mental and spiritual health related issues is quite important when discussing and understanding conspiracy theories. This is so because many so called conspiracy theories have an element of truth in them. However, what a person may suffer from because of past experiences to bring on such issues does in fact influence how a person see's reality. I can think of some of the folks that like I, that have suffered issues as me having been essentially and purposely raped of our US Constitutional rights via US and other States Governments)but there are folks do devastated from having (like I) children illegally and unconstitutionally ripped from them, now suffer mental and spiritual related issues. Those same folks can and some, project theories of manipulative “mind control” and “rays” or “beams of light” being placed on them via “the Government” or of from “space aliens.” What I'm saying is and point to is this...indeed, the human mind without Jesus Christ being at the center of a heart and mind is quite a fragile thing, and those who have corrupted power, such as courts, lawyers, cops, politicians, teachers and others like them, are well aware of that and use it tho their advantage to gain that power. Am I saying there are US and other Governments that take illegal actions such as “legally kidnap” children, take homes wrongly from citizens, either directly or indirectly take acts of murder against us ? Yes... that is what I'm saying and I can prove with facts, not fiction that there is a purposeful push among those in power(government, media, others) who take such wicked actions so as to manipulate responses to make impotent the masses(people). This is no conspiracy theory, this can be proven quite easily. For those that may still doubt me, as an example... a better example for you would be for how gun confiscation is being operated in the name of classifying our military veterans with “mental illnesses” in our nation which is currently under way. Indeed, it's bad enough folks are going “insane” from their own actions of being involved in a unrepentant and willful-sinful lifestyle, but we also have a government and media that is purposely pushing an agenda that drives unsaved(through Jesus) people insane. This exacerbates driving conspiracy theories that may, or may not (in part or whole) be true. So, the next time you see posted on a social website another conspiracy theory, find out what drove that conspiracy theory to be developed. Ask yourself, is it true in part or in whole ? What are the facts of what is going on ? Is the person who is reporting a conspiracy “crazy” or is there really evidence proving what is being reported ?
In this day and age of lies and “everybody is doing it”, we must be wise and have Godly discernment whenever a new conspiracy theory pops up on your social website “wall.” From here on out, I wish to encourage everyone reading my article here, get to the root issue/cause of why people tell you things. I still remember my first pastor who gave me some wise council when I first became a believer in Christ Jesus. I will pass that on to you as well...he said “always ask yourself why someone is telling you something.” Again, getting to the root issue of such communication will help us decipher between what is truth and what is simple a theory, conspiracy theory or other type of theory that may or may not be true in fact.
There are many people who who would love to do enough evil to you to make you think and act wronly. Don't let their lies and manipulation as well as evil allow it. Get the facts. Right Larry Friedman of Genesee County, NY ?
2 Corinthians 10:5 “ Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. “
Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor
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