How can a racist like Dozier, who was invited onto this site by its liberal leadership, come on here and instruct us? He is here to tell us that any "zealot agendas are no longer welcome here."

So Dozier and black racist minority parasites like him, are in control of this "tea party" site?

This site hates Trump and so does the "addelpated" and semi-coherent Dozier. Next stop in process...This fake "tea party" "leadership" apologizes to the black racists for any white man expressing his opinion which undoubtedly offending the short-tempered black racists?

I consider Dozier as a phony on the level of that Kayne person intermarried with the Kardashians. Tit for TaT, I will go on to his most favored black racist site and deliver a far more legitimate message. In the meantime ethnic cleansing has begun, along with teary apologies and self righteous anger. Hooray for Trump. Hooray for the Confederate Flag which will never be destroyed.

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  • Sam Smith, while proclaiming that there are no liberals in the Tea Party, marks himself as one. First of all he is a black racist (that's a leftist value) He is also a feminists (also a leftist value) And he has a distorted erotic hatred towards men who stand up to forces that others lean over backwards to placate (also a leftist value). Sam is obviously a highly emotional back stabber who ignorantly BELIEVES (without consideration of any evidence) that a man, President Trump,  who has earned over a billion dollars is only "lucky."This low life calls Trump's courageous stand in the face of ignorant, intimidating and bigoted media, as behavior of a "spoiled brat." Sam does not criticize media (Another leftist value) For that he deserves to be bitch slapped by one of his buddies. Sam comes out as in favor of the highly bigoted and very politically ignorant Megan Kelly, another phony conservative who gets ahead by her good looks. In supporting Kelly, Sam simultaneously reveals his anger at strong men (President Trump) and his "solidarity" with other feminists: (quote)"TRUMP STILL MUST answer Megyn Kelly's VALID question about his attitude toward women! Until he does, NO WOMAN should vote for him!"

  • Well I, for one, do not believe this Tea Party Command Post is even slightly liberal. An INFORMED PEOPLE need to HEAR both sides of an issue and then make an informed decision about right and wrong.

    I have far too much going on to follow every thread, so am not familiar with what Jack is talking about, but anyone who did not SEE THROUGH TRUMP'S CHILDISH TEMPER -TANTRUM over being asked a PERFECTLY LEGITIMATE POLICY ISSUE QUESTION and his staying up in that tantrum state until a recorded 3:45 AM over it simply is hero-worshipping the fact the SPOILED BRAT made BILLIONS off  Dollars in wise— or lucky REAL ESTATE and now wants to use some of that money to BUY himself another piece of Real Estate, OUR White House!

    TRUMP STILL MUST answer Megyn Kelly's VALID question about his attitude toward women! Until he does, NO WOMAN should vote for him!

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