4063787526?profile=original   Black Professor uses Racist Rants against White Students – Photo Credit You Tube screen shot

Sometimes wading through the new America according to Obama where everything is about race and nothing is about uniting as Americans is as difficult as it is tiring. So one can only imagine the utter frustration and even anger that White students had to feel sitting through class after class where a Black Professor made them the convenient targets of her inner demons.

This seemed to be the common practice of English Professor Shannon Gibney who turned her class at Minneapolis Community and Technical College into a frequent diatribe about alleged White privilege, according to the Daily Caller. Is it racism in reverse or is it the actions of an out of control teacher who is searching for fake racial victimization?

Imagine the reality of having a target painted on your back in an English class which has precious little to do with racism or racial issues. The class was turned on its head and used as a personal crusade against non-minorities: i.e. White people. Even if oppression occurred in the nation’s past, the reality that this professor and many of the civil rights pimps of today who continue to cling to divisive racist instigation is disturbing yet acceptable by leaders like Barack Obama. Remember who he inserted himself into the criminal trial of George Zimmerman by asserting that if he had a son, “He would look like Trayvon Martin”?

Professor Gibney is clearly caught in a time warp where her comfort zone is not complete unless she can raise the shadows of past racial injustices and create a whole new imagined racism stew today in modern Minneapolis, Minnesota.

One truly has to wonder did the English Department or the college even scrutinize her teaching credentials to see if she is really certified, because something is surely amiss here. She claims according to the Daily Caller that she was not, “talking about all white people, or you white people in general.” Professor Gibney instead suggested that, “We are talking about whiteness as a system of oppression.”

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  • All this crap about racism tires me out. Jesus said to love our neighbors as we love our self's. I guess there are a lot of people who must hate themselves. Its what's on the inside of a person, their hearts that counts the most not the color of one's skin. They want to call me racist and point fingers, they need to remember when pointing fingers there are 3 pointing back. Now who is the racist! 

  • She don't even look old enough to be a Professor.  Fire, Never allow to teach again, anywhere.

  • I am in a relationship with a white girl its hard now wait the next few years its going to get ugly
  • Within the next few years we' re going to see a war on racism that will open the eyes of the people in the United State of America
  • YES! we need  to start the same tactics against the liberals that they use .

  • Looking at her chaotic, disorganized and junkish office and her apparent inability to manage her own work space... it is most likely that this young female has self-control and psychological issues which should be exposed and brought to light in regard to her personal history and her family or lack of good family upbringing... most likely she is carrying a major chip on her shoulders in regard to that and is shifting her own lack of self-responsibility, self-hatred and blame by acting out unjustly and very unprofessionally as a racist anti-white hate monger.

  • Prosecute ... Letting other schools and teachers know that this divisive and illegal attempt to indoctrinate our children will "NOT," let us emphasize "NOT," be tolerated !!! Nice try you "Bitter Socialist's," you try to teach our children anything other than "the curriculum" that they're there to learn - you'll have we parents "right down your throats !!! "
  • Well we have a black president who doen't know anything, and he doesn't care for the black people and racism ison the rise
  • The only way to stop this reverse racism is to sue, and keep suing every time someone brings in race to intimidate another race. Civil Rights Act was not just for blacks.

  • YES.

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