Black Panthers are running the country

President Obama is no where to be found as the Black Panthers are preparing to kill George Zimmerman.  Where is the FBI, where is local law enforcement?  Is this the way of the United States now, a country run by thugs and felons?

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  • Yes anyone can show a link. He doesn't hide much. He has no fear of citizens demanding he follow the way We The People expect. He frequently has the leader of the BPP in the White House, he supports their views by NOT speaking out against the 'bounty' they have placed on G. Zimmerman, making racially provoking comments. However, he can voice comment that show his view between occurrences of people of opposite races, causing mote racial divides.
  • Can you point to a concrete link to Obama?

  • Isn't this an example of solicitation of murder, and since they fully admit their hatred towards our laws why are they not considered a radical, extreme group? Instead they have prominent position within Obama's inner circle.
  • These particular thugs are not worth worrying about.

    I was concerned that they were a real group but they are not.


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