Black Liberalism Has Become Vulgar And Violent

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Black liberalism has become a vulgar; angry even violent creed, especially in the inner city.

This is typed from life long first hand experience and inquiry. I live in the Hood and my activism is based in it. The decline in standards here since the 1980s has been nightmarish.
Ghetto shock troops bombard non-liberals with vulgarity that puts Neo-Nazis to shame while also displaying an appalling lack of grammatical expertise.
It's as if a segment of Black folks are locked up in a cave somewhere, which is what inner city life is if you're painfully honest.
Low income Black people have been socialized to use vulgarity and violence as their chief means of communication. Black faces in high places using them for budget inflation turn a blind eye to such destructive behavior.
President Obama has yet to denounce the hate his followers ritually send to actress Stacey Dash simply for supporting Mitt Romney or assaults committed against Romney voters nationwide . I can hardly imagine silence were roles reversed and a celebrity was harassed for backing him.
Black liberalism in the Hood has sunk in the gutter and big names on high have a foot on their necks keeping them there.
Why can't Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson appeal to followers to be dignified in their dissent? As pastors and leading progressives, I'd assume this choice would be a no-brainer?
Black conservatives aren't the ones killing people on America's streets. Black conservatives aren't the ones threatening actresses with death and pornographic criticism.
Black conservatives aren't the ones making abortion a perverted form of urban birth control. Black conservatives aren't the ones pushing rap music so damaging it could be ghost written by the Klan. 
This carnage is patented behavior of inner city Black liberals, the same ones used to get federal dollars that never change anything. 
When Black conservative groups devolve into national street gangs like the Crips and the Bloods or Black conservative spoke persons promote obscene lyrics and political language, give me a call.
Until then, inner city Black liberals should clean up their act; upgrade their debate and delete criminality because they're the ones disrespecting and murdering our community.
Not Black conservatives nor conservatives of any color.
Slavery; Jim Crow etc is no excuse for what you choose to be today so stop beating those dead horses.

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Political Cartoons by AF Branco


 Kavanaugh Accuser Donated   To Hillary Clinton  10 Times,  60+ Liberal Groups 

Reportedly attempted to conceal political activity by scrubbing social media accounts

Over the weekend, a name and face were added to the previously anonymous sexual assault allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, which is now threatening to derail his nomination. Those looking to obstruct Kavanaugh’s confirmation certainly saved their best for last, as the prior attempts included pathetic stunts such as:

– Claiming to file perjury charges against Kavanaugh, which only Jeff Sessions would have the ability to file.

– Packing the hearings with hysterical protesters, resulting in hundreds of arrests.

– Threatening female Republicans with extortion.

– Cory Booker comparing himself to Spartacus, the escaped slave who led a revolt against the Romans.

The identity of the accuser was revealed as Christine Blasey Ford, who has agreed testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Ford reportedly made the allegations back in July in a letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein, and Feinstein waited until it was close to the vote to confirm Kavanaugh before making the accusations public.

There’s a record of Ford making the accusation in a 2012 therapy session, though Kavanaugh isn’t named in the session notes that Ford gave to the press. Ford alleges that in the early 1980s, Kavanaugh entered a room drunk, pinned her to a bed, and groped her over her clothing. Kavanaugh “categorically denied” the allegations.View image on Twitter

Fin Gomez @finnygo   NEW: Statement from Judge Brett Kavanaugh:

There is a slight discrepancy in the account Ford provided in her letter to Feinstein and in her therapist’s notes, but that could simply be due to an error on her therapists part.

There are however some other questions that need to be answered which call into question Ford’s motives.

As Grabien reported, they include:

1. Why Ford deleted her public social media accounts before revealing herself.

Ford deleted all of her public social media before she came forward, making it difficult to see the advocacy and partisanship she was engaged in the time leading up to her making her allegation public. Of course, Ford may simply value her privacy, but the act of deleting her public postings will inevitably make some wonder what she didn’t want seen.

2. That Ford may have an unrelated grudge against Kavanaugh, as his mother, once a circuit court judge, ruled against Ford’s parents.

In August 1996, Christine Blasey Ford’s parents, Paula and Ralph Blasey, were foreclosed upon. Kavanaugh’s mom, Martha, was then serving as a judge on the Montgomery Country Circuit Court, and she ruled against Christine Ford’s parents.

3. That Ford is a Democrat who donates to left-wing causes, attended the anti-Trump March for Science, and previously signed an open letter challenging Trump’s border policy.

Ford is a political activist who has made dozens of donations to left-wing causes. According to OpenSecrets, she has made more than 60 donations to liberal causes, with almost four dozen to the pro-abortion group, Emily’s List, alone. Ford also donated to the DNC, Hillary Clinton (more than 10 times), Bernie Sanders, and the progressive organizing group ActBlue.

Ford likewise attended the anti-Trump March for Science, where she wore a hat knitted like a human brain, but inspired by the feminist “pussy hats” worn at the Women’s Marches. Ford also added her name to an open letter from health professionals who argued the U.S. border policy resulting in temporary separation of some families was harmful to children’s development.

There’s no statute of limitations on sexual assault in Maryland, where she claims that the assault happened. Rather than go to the police, Ford went to Dianne Feinstein. If her accusations are true, she should immediately file a police report against Kavanaugh and take him to trial. If she doesn’t, perhaps that’s because she knows the consequences of filing a false police report.

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