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The Reverend Manuel Sykes, a black preacher from the Bethel Community Baptist Church, told reporters this week that the reason he was overlooked by the Democrat Party was because of racism.


In April Pinellas County’s Democratic chairman left a bluntly worded voicemail telling well-known St. Petersburg pastor Manuel Sykes he would be “persona non grata” if he followed through with plans to run for Congress. Sykes withdrew from the race. Now Sykes is speaking out.

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“Well, what they’re saying is, ‘Stay in your place.’ It’s OK to run for local elections, state elections, but you’re not going to represent us in Washington. We have a place carved out for you. And, essentially, that’s what they’re saying… One of the reasons our people don’t vote is because they don’t feel that they’re connected. They feel regardless of who they vote for or what party they support, they’re not going to get respect. This is the message to them – We want your vote but the rest you stay out of.

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  • Break Break....I'm sorry, I keep forgetting.  After I put my right hand in the air, is it HEIL or HIEL?

  • Well yea, do as I say but not as I do. Who is the most racist of them all: the democrats. They created all the Jim Crow laws, the KKK, and slave the black folks with their free money.

  • Maybe this guy will see the light! He should give Allen West a call. I'm sure Col. West will forgive him for being a democrat and now seeing the error of his ways maybe he will have a change of heart and hang around us patriots. Most of us are good people! :-)

  • They have way overdone this Racist Crap, it is just boring now. No one cares, name calling is all the Democrats have, accusing people is so much easier ,than addressing the Issues, Fast & Furious,IRS, Benghazi, on and on and on. Check out the Ecomony, and see how well folks are doing. It now costs the average American $2500. 00 a year just to keep even.
  • Carolan, I believe, at this point I would study Farsi and Chinese.

  • In 50 black counties not 1 white vote twice, that's  racist,  and SKIN , matters , not content..and they voted, for higher taxes, pot,  illegals,  abortion, after birth abortion  and BLACK/  BROWN SKIN COLOR,  WOW!!

  • Get the Black vote,  Get the Latino vote,  Get the Hispanic  SKIN VOTERS  RACIST WHITE HATING,  Liberal vote,   How racist would it be for whites to say , get the white vote,  there would be riots  . Why are they   RACIST?  And aren't you just fed up with hearing daily  white people are racist...Your racist,   Your racist...your racist...your racist..I can't take it anymore from your liberals  no it's you that thinks that all whites are racist,  ARE WE REALLY?  are you sick of it  and what can we do to stop this please?

  • OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING,  camp out in DC, for 1 month or more to Impeach Obama,  and Camp out in Front of CNN  ESPN,  ABC, CBS,  NSNBC,  FACE BOOK,  BLACK ENTERTAINMENT<  THE VIEW,  HUFF POST,  FACE BOOK,  GOOGLE,  YAHOO NEWS,  for not reporting WHITE GENOCIDE,  or Crimes against whites, Or race war against whites,  Or race card against whites,  And for blocking millions of Conservatives,,,Thankyou for your time

  • Blacks had more white people for slaves and for longer.  White slavery in Africa, from 1530 to 1780...200 years of white slavery in Africa...Black slavery In Mexico,  Both , whites/ Blacks was shipped into every Spanish Speaking and Arab nations,  By Jews,  Indians,  Spain,  Mexicans,  Indians,  Arabs,  And had us both for slaves.  Less than 2% of whites really had slaves,  Black history is the biggest lie in History.  They never talk about white slavery,  Only blame whites. And had more white people for slaves and for longer.  I started WHITE HISTORY MONTH,  please help me put the REAL TRUTH, into our history books, to stop , race war/  Race Card.  WHITE HISTORY MONTH,  I started, Need help please put posters, call news,  Go into the streets, Like they do,  from, NOV  to DEC,  thankyou for your time

  • This man is a Christian, so he is poison.        Very simple, the God Haters want no part of people of belief.         Black people are supposed to obey, sit down, shut-up, and just be grateful for all the "goodies" you receive.       Get out the Vote, and then disappear, we can't be bothered with you.  Will they ever see the Truth?       Or just be grateful?        "The Gifts of Slavery".

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