Black Christians: Shame! Shame! Shame!

4063600577?profile=originalIncreasingly, I am hearing the following mantra/narrative from Black Christians. “I'm voting for Obama because he is the lesser of the two evils.” This is an extremely weak veiled attempt to justify their racism and loyalty to The Black Code (never side with a white against a fellow black).

From a Christian point of view, how can any Bible believer conclude that Mitt Romney is more evil than Barack Obama?

Here are a few of the numerous things on Obama's anti-Christian agenda. Obama supports same-sex marriage and has vowed to be an advocate for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. Obama supports abortion including infanticide (making it illegal to provide medical aid to a baby that has survived a failed abortion). Despite their strong will to survive, these babies must be left to die.

Massive governmental controls hidden in Obamacare include forcing Christian institutions to fund abortion services against the teachings of their faith. Think about that; the federal government demanding that Christians betray their biblical beliefs. Forty Catholic groups are fighting back by suing the Obama Administration. In typical liberal incremental fashion, our military has gone from a “Don't ask/ Don't tell” policy to being mandated to celebrate Gay Pride Month under Obama.

Indisputable facts are available everywhere exposing Obama to be the most anti-Christian president in U.S. History. I know some of you Black Christians will continue to stick your heads in the sand, refusing to accept the truth. Woe be unto you. Racism is evil, whether it comes from whites or blacks blindly worshiping Obama because of his skin-color.

So Black Christians, tell me Romney's stated ant-Christian agenda. Grasping at straws, some will say Romney is a Mormon and Mormonism does not jive with Christianity. Well, you may have a point. However, Romney has not attacked Christianity or pledged to force Christians to betray their faith. Obama is boldly and dictatorially implementing his anti-Christian agenda. Regrettably, many of you black so-called followers of Christ realize who Obama really is and what he is doing. And yet, you will vote for him anyway because of your sick addiction to racial politics.

I have also heard Christians say, “OK, I admit that Obama is destroying America, but I cannot vote for a Mormon.” Such thinking is illogical. Imagine, your home is on fire and your family is trapped inside. The Hells Angels motorcycle gang arrives at the scene offering to go inside to rescue your loved ones. How absurd would it be to reject their “God-sent” help because you disapprove of the Hells Angels' lifestyle?

Remember this old joke? A guy was trapped on his roof during a flood. He prayed for help. Various volunteers came to his aid in boats. The man rejected them all, waiting for God to save him. The foolish man drowned. In Heaven, the man asked God why he did not answer his prayer. God replied, “I did answer your prayer. You rejected everyone I sent.”

America is on fire folks. Romney/Ryan are the most available firefighters. Thus, I believe they are “God-sent.”

I asked a black minister friend to further explain this “lesser evil” thing. He said the “lesser evil” in his mind is the economy. While not disputing Obama's anti-Christian agenda, Obama still wins his vote because he believes Romney/Ryan's plan will further the decline of America’s economy. In essence, this black minister of the Gospel is saying he values the economy over God's condemnation of homosexuality, over the lives of babies and over freedom of worship.

And by the way, this minister thinking that Obama's economic plan of spending our way to prosperity is superior to Romney/Ryan's plan is idiotic, nonsensical and absurd. I can not believe my friend is that stupid. I believe sighting the economy as his reason for voting for Obama is a weak excuse to mask his racism; pure and simple.

To all you, Obama-is-the-lesser-of-two-evils black Christian voters, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You “ain't” foolin' nobody. You are racists! May God have mercy on your souls.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

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  • There are good black people and good people in every race.These so called black christians will vote for obama only because he's black.They could care less if he is against everything Jesus taught and is a homosexaul or communist or islamist or tareing down of America they see only his black skin color.These black christians aren't christians at all.They are blind sheep being led by dictators who say or do anything to controll them.Look at A.S and J.J. and J.W. and L.F.These people keep their racist *hit bucket stirred up and smelling all the time.These socalled christian preachers keep their sheep under controll by teaching "hate the crackers Kill the honkies Whities have kept you under submission.Some teach we are Princesses and Prince's if in africa.Well things haven't changed that much in africa in over two hundred year's.They still live in hut's and have to hunt or fish every for their food.They dont have a welfare system so they hunt kill and eat what ever they can kill or catch So much for africa.That's just my opinion.But as for christian's "a tree is know by it's fruit does a fig tree produce throns? or a thorn tree producing figs?"Ye shall know them by their work;s.

  • Guy, well said. Until we begin speaking out against these evils, they will never be addressed.

    I live only a few miles south of you.

  • PURE Un-Adulterated RACISM. SICKENING Black S0-Called Christians. So what platforms of the Democratic Party do they think Obama will stand against? HOMO-SEXUAL Marriage? MURDERING BABIES-SUCKING THEIR BRAINS OUT? LAZINESS-NO WORK REQUIREMENTS FOR WELFARE? WEAK MILITARY?

    Jesus spoke about Money & Work more than anything in Proverbs. What PATHETIC excuse for voting for their so-called Brother. Don't think Blacks don't HATE Blacks. 99% of ALL MURDERS in Birmingham are BLACK ON BLACK CRIMES. OVER 100 per year (All on the NORTH & WEST Side)

  • Thanks for being the proud wise man you are .. and real Christian.

  •   Hats off to Lloyd!  Also I wish more people/media/black leaders  would discuss the break down in American families & especially black families beginning with LBJ"s great society & even before.  How anti Christian is that!  Then the increasing number of children born to unwed Mothers and Fatherless homes!  Go back & check statistics.  What a travesty of unfairness to millions of children that deserved a stable & supportive family!  There was some lucky ones that got love & support from other family members & people.  Myself included.  But way too many Christians have been suckered in to compromising their faith in the name of political agendas.  With so many "reverends" appointing themselves as political spokesman I think they let their faith/politics become so intertwined it became more & more difficult for people to separate the two.  And I think these so called leaders have used people for their own selfish agendas.  Start thinking for yourselves!  The Bible warned us about these types!  How can so many white & black Christians read the same Bible and be so polarized!  Satan loves disunity among us & he's doing a great job creating it.  If we're sincere in our beliefs we need to get real about why & who we're voting for!  Even if we have to admit we've let political promises cause us to compromise our Christian principles.

  • Rod, LBJ blocked the Civil Rights act in the senate in the 50's. The republicans gave him the choice of signing it or face the blacks for his veto.

  • Lloyd gets it said fast plain and simple.Go Lloyd.

  • I can not understand why blacks support the democratic party when it was them that wrote the Jim Crow laws and was the father of the KKK. LBJ could have never got the Civil Rights Act passed had it not been for the republicans voting in favor of it. Make no mistake, democrats care nothing for blacks only their votes and have destroyed the black community

  • Lloyd Marcus is so right. In addition, Obama's long-time pastor, Jeremiah Wright says he is unsure whether Obama ever converted from his Muslim upbringing as a teenager.

    While Mormonism does have "another gospel" beside the Bible, they do claim the Bible as a major truth and that their beliefs are based largely on it.

    The radicals in the Muslim religion says kill all Christians and Jews. (That would include black Christians.)

    I have personally been in the former Soviet Union shortly after its collapse as a missionary. I have seen what happens when a nation's currency becomes worthless or nearly so.

    Current Obama and Democratic Party policies are rapidly driving the U. S. toward a similar economic collapse so you will need your whole bank account just to buy your next loaf of bread! Been there, seen it happen!

    Have there been injustices toward blacks? Unquestionably, but how many of you would trade your present circumstance, no matter how bad, to return to Africa as a resident citizen of the country your ancestors were brought from — even modern Africa? Stop and THINK about it! The fact you are better off, have more income, food shelter and other necessities of life here in America today, does not diminish the wrong done to your ancestors, but you need to realize that bankrupting the nation will only hurt everyone, not just the wealthy and the white. 

    Finally, if you really are a Christian, pray and ask for Holy Spirit guidance before you cast your vote.

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