I wrote a blog article  http://www.conservativedailynews.com/2013/03/obamas-america-                         becoming-a-police-state/   a while back pointing out how Barack Obama (Osama bin Obama) is putting the finishing touches on turning America into a police state. I have caught a lot of flak for my views, and have been called paranoid and a fear monger for pointing out the things I see happening to my America.   It seems pretty clear to me what is happening and I know many people agree with me on this while others disagree to varying degrees.

What really surprised me was to hear Bill Maher agree with me.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOUdeJqpt8s&feature=player_embedded To me, Bill Maher has always been a left-wing pompous jerk, with no semblance of reality apparent in anything he had to say.  When I saw this video clip I was astonished to say the least.  Bill Maher saying the same things I have been saying???  Maher must have lost his marbles or my ears were playing tricks on me!!!  But as I watched the clip I began to see something in him that changed my perspective.

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  • No, no, no, hell cannot freeze over.....I want O to burn there forever!

  • Set your stop watches to see how long it takes him to get fired...

  • Are little Devils iceskating?

  • Fully agreed!

  • I will never subscribe to HBO because of maher, but even a muslim communist democrat brainwashed, kool aid drinker of bo bull could get a small brain for some truth.

  • Boston showed what a police state can be--wit til they come to take all guns--libs can't hardly wait

    then no Bill of Rights- as look what is happening in the military is showing

  • L M, you have hit the nail on the head and understand the point of this article. Many liberals ARE waking up and seeing that it isn't just Bush and his bunch doing this. Both parties are in on the conspiracy to enslave us and now that their guy is doing it the light bulbs are starting to come on. As I wrote, this isn't about liberal vs. conservative, this is about liberty vs. tyranny. We are all in this together and our liberal friends won't be immune from tyranny because Osama bin Obama is in control.

  • We are witnessing the wakening of the liberals.  Even the liberals want to be able to express their feelings and freedoms, but they don't understand that giving O-Crap-Pa the right to do all these things is taking away their freedoms.  Just the other day when the Police Thing happened that they are talking about here, a strong Liberal in my day to day encounters said to me that he was concerned what happened in Boston was looking more like Russia.  I usually just walk away when he makes statements as I totally do not agree with him  But, this time I walked over and shook his hand and let him know for once I agree with him.  Guys, we have to educate these people and support them when they come to their senses.  We cannot forget they are Americans who are not informed well enough or just think what they hear on the news is gospel.  We have to take every opportunity we can to let them know when they are correct.  Because O-Crap-Pa is going so far with trying to turn our Nation he is reckless in his attempts and the True Shit is coming out.  He cannot hide who he is for long.  Let us be vigilant and work towards our goals.  Bill Maher might be a liberal and we might not care for his views.  But, he is being watched by hundreds of liberals and these liberals are Americans who have went by the way side because of our Leftist News Agencies who are doing their best to turn America. The USURPER who is in the White House doing what he damn well pleases needs to be stopped.  We (The Tea Party) need to point out to these citizens that they do not really want him.  Let us not forget our name.  Our name came from a demonstration to other Americans (and the Current Government at the time) we were not putting up with Tyranny Government no natter what it meant.  Yes, we showed the Government but most importantly Other Brothers and Sisters were watching us then and they are watching us now.  We need to set the example that shows who we are and what we stand for and these Other Americans(Liberals) will say to themselves, "hey they are talking about me"  With this we can only hope they wake up as we all need to pull together against this A Hole trying to destroy our Great Nation. 

  • At least NOW we know what the takeover will look like and, possibly, under what type of scenario.

    ex animo


  • The question is "what are we going to do about it?" Complain? Do you think they care if we write articles, post comments on here or call in to talk radio shows?

    Watch the video on the bottom of this page: http://bit.ly/16tkzd2

    It is of the police searches for the terrorist suspect in Watertown, MA.  Remember, the police knew they were looking for a 19 yr old male from Chechnya.  These people being dragged out of their homes with armored vehicles in the streets, helicopters overhead and police dogs barking on the sidewalks, do not look like 19yr old males from Chechnya.

    The people did submit. They followed orders. They stayed in their homes and did not interfere when the police rounded up their neighbors. From the tyrant's point of view, that looks like a pretty successful rehearsal to me.  It time we actually DO something. Read nnyteaparty.org

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