Biden In The Rose Garden?

For that?!

The Biden speech reminded me of Justice John Roberts opinion on Obamacare back in 2012 - where it was intended and drafted to mean one thing only to be editted at the last moment to portray a totally different conclusion.   

Biden's could have announced that he wasn't going to run on a Tweet. Which could've been followed up at the news networks.  

His speech read like an acceptance speech where the "I will be running" was scratched over and replaced with "I will not be running".  The question is "Why"?  Is Hillary really doing as well as the (liberal) media has been hyping up since that first CNN socialist Debate?  If we compare her book signings / sales to Dr Ben Carson's book signings w/ his new release there are MAJOR differences there alone.  Hillary's book flopped.  Where Carson meets w thousands who want their copies signed.

So what that Hillary raises more campaign funds.  Nothing new there. Quite the contrary.  We've seen from The Clinton Global Initiative that it's all about BIG corporations and key nations around the world, friend and BIG-foes alike, are paying for favors and, judging by the emails that are dripping through, the BIG-donors expect access (to classfied documents?) as well.

What I found so clever about Biden haying said that the repubs are not an "enemy", but merely an opponent, was, imo, a hit on Hillary - as she did call the repubs her enemy. And she is proud of it.  No, he didn't endorse her. But he also didn't take comrad Bernie Sanders position where Sanders feigned outrage over the whole Hillary email protocol breach either.  

But, the redistribution / fair share / poor vs wealthy message is very much the democrats platform - as it's been since 2008.  Only stronger.

Where the GOPers continue drinking the 80s "New Coke" w/ theor "We do too!" platform, the left entrench themselves ever deeper w/ their agenda.

And good ole Paul Ryan wants everyone in the House to love him; and change standards set forth by Thomas Jefferson himself.  I've been saying that 2016 is for the GOP to LOSE.  They are DEFINITELY going in that direction.  Don'tcha think?

Luis ,

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