After watching Hannity interview the US Muslim man that wants to have a Muslim march in Washington DC on 9/11/13, I saw a picture of that Muslim smiling in a picture with Joe Biden. WE know Obama has hired several Muslim Brotherhood members and placed some of them in our Homeland Security organization.  Obama had the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leaders visit the Whitehouse while they were in power and suspending their Constitution, implementing Sharia law after promising otherwise and Christians were being murdered. It is hard to understand what this administration is doing and why they are doing it.


We know Obama regrets that our Constitution is a set of negative rights and restricts him, we know he wants to cut 12 military brigades, we know he would like zero nuclear weapons in the US , but would settle for 300 hundred which is smaller than China's arsenal, we know he unilaterally cut missile defense in Europe to appease Putin and reset our relationship to a weaker position, we know Obama does not like the Second Amendment by his actions and the multitude of democratic anti gun laws pending.


" The fire walls to our Constitution have been breached." Mark Levin. Our Congress is suppose to protect us but so far they have not. Unlike previous Presidents Barak Hussein Obama may not limit his imperial actions but rather continue to expand his abuses of power. Hopefully at some point Congress will have enough while they still have any real power.



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