beyond frustrated

As a conservative, I am beyond ftustrated at the inaction of the Republican party on various issues and the violations of the Constitution. Most of which are impeachable. Why is the minority leader of the US Senate and the Republican congress not doing anything about these? Senator McConnell was vocal in his oposition to Obamacare but won't vote to defund it. Congress won't even defund scared to be blamed for "shutting down government" but won't even consider SELECTIVE funding. 

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  • I wake up pissed off everyday! !
  • They are seeming more like one collaborative body up in DC. All complicit in lying to the American people and putting big talk out and having their backroom plans in place the whole time!

    All a show for the cameras.

  • No, I am not frustrated.

    I'm motivated to move away from the RINO establishment and support the Ted Cruz's of the world.

  • The republicrats are pushing their base to the libertarians/conservatives.

    My observations tell me that they are part and parcel of the cover ups and provide window dressing called congressional hearings.

    The congress saw the evidence (we did not) for fast and furious and simply spanked the incompetent Holder disguised as Americans Attorney General.

    Folks, expect NOTHING to come from IRS, NSA, Benghazi hearings - zip.

    The republicants (can't do this, can't do that) are carrying water and covering up for the democan friends.

    One palm washes the other.

    In the meantime, watch the other hand.


  • It has been said that insanity is defined as doing the same old things in the same old way & expecting different results. Baynor, Mc Donell, Mclame & Greyhem are all doing nothing & just hoping the problem will go away. Crazy strategy. I heard a congressional leader say someone is going to jail. Four americans are dead, a border agent is dead & the country is bankrupt. But the maker of a film is in jail while we start another do nothing committee investigation. RINOS are so afraid that they have become useless, have doomed are country to failure & are more worried about whether an Egyptian has a tank than if a senior citizen has the necessary care they need. We lay off soldiers each week while Osama gives surface to air missiles to Libyans,syrians et al.  Law enforcement officers do not even know or understand the constitution. Please appeal to friends, citizens, family members or acquaintances in Ohio, Kentucky, Arizona, Tennessee, North & South Carolina & other states where RINOS are hiding to support true conservatives. Sorres is pulling Osama's strings while the RINOS hide in their offices. They are even afraid to hold a town hall meeting now. The RINOS are afraid & stagnant. They must be replaced. We cannot support those like Rufio who want to give amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants. Urgently urge all those who will listen to abandon the RINOS & to support true conservatives. Support Mike Lee, Allen West, Ted Cruz & all decent conservatives now. Communism & Progressivism must be eliminated.

  • Yes.  I am beyond frustrated.  I'm disappointed, discouraged, disillusioned, and disgusted!  In a word: angry.

    We keep looking to make sense as to why the elected representatives aren't holding the Obama administration accountable.  Maybe there is no sensible reason that we could accept.  Remember how J.Edgar Hoover supposedly had dirt on everyone in Washington and thus insulated himself from all of his enemies?  Isn't it conceivable that, with all of the "spying" from the CIA, NSA, FBI, etc. the crooks in DC are all shaking in their boots afraid someone will out them?

    I now believe the corruption in politics runs so deep that trying to fix Washington is like trying to find a diamond ring at the bottom of a septic tank.

  • @John J Buffo.. BOOM! If We The People know, how could our elected representatives in the Senate and Congress NOT KNOW anyway? Laying blame on Republicans for anything is "common practice" for liberals. It still blows my mind. There seems to be a huge disconnect. We should just start writing them and let them know "you folks will be blamed either way so please do your jobs and defund Obamacare" ...

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  • The GOP is a spineless group of cowards. All they worry about is keeping there jobs. They say they are afraid to vote against certain issues for fear the American people will blame them but what they don't seem to understand is that the Liberals & there voters will blame them anyway, no matter what policies the GOP offer. We the people want the GOP to get some b__ls and fight for us and we will stand behind them no matter what. 

  • I have written it before....Million person march on Dc   - unannounced.  Just descend.  Pick a date.  Word  of mouth from TP officials to TP state officials to TP local officials to TP group officials to TP Patriots everywhere.  Flood the buildings and offices at the Capitol, the WH, TV stations (channels 4, 5, 7, 9; NBC, FOX, ABC, and  CBS respectively), radio stations (WMAL  and WTOP at least), all the overpasses of I-495 (the Washington Beltway) especially at rush hours, the Washington Mall and the outside of all these buildings while in NYC, protestors should go to FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS to protest.  Well?

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