beyond frustrated

As a conservative, I am beyond ftustrated at the inaction of the Republican party on various issues and the violations of the Constitution. Most of which are impeachable. Why is the minority leader of the US Senate and the Republican congress not doing anything about these? Senator McConnell was vocal in his oposition to Obamacare but won't vote to defund it. Congress won't even defund scared to be blamed for "shutting down government" but won't even consider SELECTIVE funding. 

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  • My sentiments exactly, It is like Mr stephens kept calling for help, but no help came, and no help is coming, lets face it, not from this congress or senate, they are becoming traitors to we the people!

  • I just received this from the TP.  Is it in response to my calling for a Million Person March on DC?  I do not know.  I do not care.  I want no credit.  But what I do want

    to see is ONE MILLION PEOPLE in DC.  Here is what I received: "Patriots, 

    On Tuesday, September 10th, Tea Party Patriots will partner with numerous other pro-liberty groups to participate in the Exempt America Rally on the West Lawn of the US Capitol in Washington, DC at 12pm. This rally is taking place to demand that Congress delay the implementation of Obamacare by refusing to stop spending money on the law.

    Let's flood the place out.  Afterwards, why don't we meet for a get-together in WMAL or WTOP or Channel 4 or Channel 5 or Channel 7 or Channel 9 or John Boehner's office or all other offices of representatives or all offices of senators or the White House  (isn't that our home?) and afterwards, let's take a walk.  Perhaps we could go and feel the marvelous breeze and enjoy the scenic view on an overpass above I-495 (the Washington DC Beltway).  Afterwards, let's all go home, you know, our house; it's at 1600 Pennsylvania  Avenue (Route 4), Washington, DC.  Perhaps we could have cookies and milk.

    The NEXT DAY:  On September 11, two major items are occurring.  First, there is the Million Muslim March. Secondly, in response to the Million Muslim March, is the TWO MILLION BIKER RIDE TO DC.  The Bikers want people who do not have bikes to join them by using cars, trucks, standing with banners, and protests with banners displayed on I-495 overpasses banners, et al.  We need to join them!  If you just cannot do it due to distance or time or money, do it in your area.  In 47 seconds, hear what Rev. Manning has to say on BO. 

  • The GOP leaders are RINOs or afraid of the image.

  • McConnell is nothing more than a damn R.I.N.O. He put up a front to obamacare but when it comes down to it he sides with his daddy obama. I am sick and tired of all the BS coming from people like him and McCain and many of the rest. I'm not donating any money to the GOP until of if they show some backbone.......

  • Triptolemus, I have been suggesting on many of these TP blogs that we old a million person march.  If we do just that, bring on that horse/policeman.  Put me in front of it.  Horses are predictable animals in many ways.  I would ask the cell phones with cameras come out and video/photograph the situation as I make the horse rear up and dump the policeman who wants to take over.  If numbers of police come on, I would ask the crowd to gather around me with cameras on and shield me from the police.  Just how will the police handle the situation with cameras out and being warned.  I stand in no mud for any man.  I only bow to Jehovah God.  Dee knows of the march of which I speak.  Chuck and I both are awaiting her reply.

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  • Plain and simple, they fear evil as opposed to doing what is right for America. Turn your frustration into to prayer. Pray for our politicians WE elect to have the courage to do what is right to protect our constitution in the eyes of God. It's time we focus on Jesus for a change.

  • John

    We may live in the same vicinity; same radio stations and network news channels. But I've been to DC when Beck and Palin were here. The government uses this as an opportunity for intimidation! They force conservative demonstrators off the grass, then ride horses down the walkways they forced the public onto and force people into the mud. They issue fines to anyone waling on the grass who does not jump when they say move. We are beyond the point when demonstrations will do any good. We are at the point where violence is the only option.

  • I honestly believe that if our elected Senators and Congressmen would want to redeem themselves from being accused as RINOs, they can by funding government programs EXCEPT Obamacare. Take care of this first then the other issues can follow.

  • Investigation, investigation, investigation ... that's all I read! And nothing come from any of them! Most are simply swept under the rug and forgotten. Obama is being manipulated by Soros and other Marxist incompetents and nothing is being done. The only voice, loud and clear, is Ted Cruz  Vote him in as president and watch the fur fly!

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