Beyond bluster to action

Part of the frustration of both sides of the issues of importance to the continuation of this Nation is the lack of any action.  We hear. all the time, that the other side is foolish and they have no clue, that their ideas will bring the end to this Nation, as we know it.  Words, we hear them all the time.  America needs no more words.  Every person, who even remotely cares about anything and the majority who could care less have heard all about it.  The sheer volume of words and finger pointing and accusations lead to complete inaction as this Nation falls apart.  There are consequences to every action, or inaction.  We must put aside all the differences, (in the grander scheme of things, they sure seem petty).  Enough talk, time for action.  Everyone must start from a common ground.  Regardless of HOW we get there, I am sure all will agree that America borrows much more than it takes in and this cannot continue.  One more point of common ground would be caring about this nation and its continued existence.  Politicians, on both sides, will talk and point fingers and accuse the other of any number of inhuman acts and will continue to do this while America falls completely.  When this nation has become part of say, China, who will they point fingers at?  The Chinese will simply execute them to shut them up.  Enough talk.......actually do something.
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