Trump is a thug!  A SPOILED WEALTHY BRAT! AN EGOCENTRIC DANGEROUS MAVERICK!!  A CAR SALESMAN!!! Blackmail is not the American way.  He coerces with his wealth and crony influence.  Americans who support him are in a mob mentality and are not thinking about consequence.  Impulsive and emotional behavior and thought are attributed to the far left.  So, do these supporters of Trump fit the same mold? These are dangerous and pivotal times in our Country; we cannot risk our Nation with knee jerk responses to rectify what we have ourselves neglected to be vigilant of. If he becomes President no longer consider freedom without coercion, threat and fear.  He is a very dangerous individual. He is Mussolini, Hitler, and Nero all rolled up in one.  He will rule by appealing to the people's emotions and win by default.  He will confiscate private land and continue the trend of the Federal government and its coercive agencies, such as Land Management; EPA, ATF, FBI, IRS, ETC.. A vote for him is a nail in our coffin. He will say he loves the Constitution but will defame it to meet his tyrannical goals.  He will degrade our Bill of Rights  as something that is not profitable or lacking as if not a good deal and must be altered to meet the needs of the People; after all he is the Deal Maker, and we are expendable, thus enabling him to complete his total progressive takeover of our Nation.  I cannot believe or accept the gullibility  of his supporters.  Haven't they learned from history! 

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