We have a lot of work ahead of us in 2011. I, for one, am thoroughly disappointed with the Republicans in the 111th Congress after the Nov elections. They let Obama end the lame-duck session a winner, even after a historic shellacking, and it could not have happened without Republican votes.
Time to keep score on who voted for what, and never let them forget it when the elections return.  I started a spreadsheet, in case anyone wants to use it (in Excel).
They're ba-ack. Read @AmSpec Jeffrey Lord's "Berwick Sets Up Death Panels By Fiat"
Contact Congress, and let them know this is NOT okay.
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  • Exactly!
  • When you ask government for help of any kind, you are obliged to take what you get.  The bulk of government paid health care goes to seniors.  So-called death panels are the government's obligation to control the cost of health care. Naturally, politicians, through smoke and mirrors, are going to try to make everything they do "for you"  appear good for you.

    The undeniable fact is that before the third party government started paying our health care costs, the cost was a fraction of today's cost.  Blame yourselves for asking government to pay health care costs or anything else. You are voting politicians back into office who make the laws that entitle certain people to this or that. It is not government's "duty" to keep anyone. It is unconstitutional.  As long as we have government entitlements, the American people are in no position to say what is good or what is bad.


    Good gives evil and evil gives good when others decide what is good for you.  In ignorance you get what is coming to you when you depend on government: division.  A house divided does not long stand.  

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