I spent 2 years on the flight deck in a fighter squadron on the U.S.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt CVA-42, Sixth Fleet, AT NO TIME, that I know of, was there not a aircraft Carrier on standby 24/7 in the Mediterranean Sea.  It had planes, Heliocopters, missiles, and even had launches if needed.  One Carrier relieves the other Carrier already there before the other Carrier can go home.

                                                                      FYI and God Bless America,

                                                                                Bob Vozey


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  • To other nations, our President looks like a annoying chihuahua. China is sucking our intelligence at warp speed. Putin is setting up permanent naval defenses in the Mediterranean to keep us out. King

    Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is tired of waiting on Obama to work with him against Iranian nukes and going rogue. Obama questions Israel from bombing  intelligent missiles in Syria (our only real ally). I believe this president has brought great disrespect on our government. It is time to start pinning

    part of the blame on Bidden and all the Whitehouse. We need to do something a first time, skip the

    vice president and replace the current president with second in line, speaker of the house. The Middle East had their Arab Spring, its time to have an American Executive spring!

  • Both of the CVN's were in the gulf  at that time.  The closest fighters were at Aviano in Italy about 750 miles away [F16]

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