Benghazi Questions I do not understand? Can you say Hillary?

They are on the Hill now and Congress stated no one was punished and the review board report was not good.


The Simple questions are:  


Do you personally or know who ordered reduced military and/or security protection for the Ambassador in any of his operational locations including Benghazi?


Did do you personally know and do nothing when the attack happened?


Did someone above you order changes in security?


Did someone above you fail to order or stop military response or other help in Benghazi during the several hour attack?

Can you verify the attack was watched real time? Who all was aware and/or watched the attack? Do you?


Why not pin these guys down?


Was Patrick Kennedy and/or Hillary order any changes in security or any action before or after Benghazi?


Is there anything you can think of that is relevant to the Benghazi attacks that we have not mentioned or may not know?



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