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  • Americans today will never be as patriotic as we were because of the continued pounding and denigration of our military by defiant, vile politicians who are "in it" for themselves and their party only, not for the sake of America, their country. Long gone are many of these mighty patriots from decades past, and if America continues to fall for the despicable disgusting verbiage and weak spineless actions of the progressive liberal socialists among us, we will only have such films to watch in order to relive the glories of the once most powerful country in the world. Knock, Knock, America, are you awake and listening????

  • Please consider the following petition to Congress and give us the opportunity to come back home and defend our own country before it is too late:

  • Try getting THAT into our schools!

  • Everyone in this nation who hasn't served should see this. There are too many in this once great nation who have no clue as to the sacrifices that have been made to give them the cushy lifestyles they enjoy today. Those of us who have fought for liberty anywhere in the world didn't do it for fame or fortune. Those sacrifices were made for an idea of liberty for all, for all Americans, for all political persuasions, and the right to be on the wrong side of liberty for that matter.

    All Gave Some, Some Gave All !!!!!!!!!

  • We are not doing our jobs as Americans if we do not fight to get our country back.... we as "Americans" HAVE to stand up and not take this anymore..... Vote, peacefully protest, write your senators, congressmen, your mayors, your state legislatures and tell them we  will not take any more of this....... its got to stop...... tell them to IMPEACH THE TRAITOR IN THE WHITE HOUSE...... get rid of the criminals that have taken over.... or "we the people" will......

  • Why do government employees destroy our constitutions here at home?

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