Howdy all!  The week will begin in just a moment.  But first, a word from our sponsor.

But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.

~ Romans 5:8

Our family had a loss this past week or so.  My wife lost her step mom to leukemia.  She was doing fine until she came down with shingles, and that triggered the leukemia to end her life.  ‘Mom’ had a bunch of kids and grandkids, but Nancy treated us like her own.  What a great woman.  Tough, and kind.  She worked as a lead maid in a number of upscale mansions in the Watch Hill area of southern Rhode Island, but she never let that get to her head.  She worked hard to take care of her large family, and never let anyone go without.  God has shown us all so many times how much he loves us.  He sends us our parents, our friends, our children; all to make our lives complete and filled with happiness and love.  And he gives us responsibilities along with these gifts.  Our challenge in life is to make the best of our lives, and of those around us.  Not a mandate or a dictatorship, but a challenge and a burden which come with happiness and sadness over time.  And we make mistakes along this way, this path we take.  God knows we will, so he places help along the path to offer direction and guidance.  Nancy was such a person.  She was always there for Terri and I when we needed her.  Christ was sent to us by God to save us, which I believe unconditionally!  He also sent people like Nancy, to give us a little nudge when needed.  Thank you God for the gift of Nancy.  And thank you Nancy for all you have done for Terri, me, and your wonderful husband, my father-in-law Ralph.  May you rest in wonderful peace along Their side.

Take care, God bless,


Tom Kiley

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Comment by Louis Blasiotti on July 31, 2012 at 5:42pm

I am happy that you are a believer.  The problem is that the New World Order wants to supress your freedom to believe.  We must all pray that this New World Order movement is made known to the citizens of the U.S as to its true goals and plans for the enslavement of Americans.  We must also do as you are doing, i.e., Thanking God for the gifts He has given us and pray that He does not abandon us because of our sins.  We must recognize that He is our Creator and humble ourselves and be obedient to His Divine Will.



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States Propose Orwellian Law Mandating State Home Invasion On Home-School Families

(TeaParty.org) – Lawmakers in some US states have proposed legislation that would require home visits for families with homeschooled children, posing a terrifying threat to parental authority and freedom in general.

Iowa HF 272 requires homeschool families who do not report to their school district in conducting their home education to submit to “health and safety visits” quarterly by “the board of directors of a school district.”

If parents decline, the proposed law says, “the juvenile court or district court upon a showing of probable cause may authorize the person making the home visit to enter the home and interview or observe the child.”

The law doesn’t explain why a school district would conduct “health and safety visits,” nor is “probable cause” defined.

But the party performing the visit on behalf of the school district would be a mandatory reporter, and the district can collaborate on the mandated home visits with the Department of Human Services, which in turn can collaborate with the state’s Department of Education.

A similar bill calling for a home investigation of homeschool families was recently introduced in Illinois. The visits there would be performed by the Child Protective Service Unit of the Department of Children and Family Services.

Iowa state Rep. Mary Mascher, a Democrat, introduced the bill, which is one of two introduced thus far during this legislative session requiring home visits for homeschool families.

Public schools do not exist to determine the “health and safety” of a child, they exist to provide children with an education.

In fact, plenty of public schools pose serious risks to the “health and safety” of children, whether that be increased risk to seasonal and contagious illness or the incidents of violent crime that plague the nation’s inner city schools.

This law is eerily reminiscent of the socialist systems many lawmakers in Washington would like to mimic here at home. There is nothing more authoritative than the state forcing their way into the home.

Homeschooling is a way a rapidly growing number of parents have found to combat the state-sponsored ideological indoctrination taking place in the public school system, and these authoritarians can’t stand that parents are finding a way to fight back and take their children’s educations, and minds.

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