Be Encouraged! 5/29/12

Howdy all!  Well, the long weekend is over, and we head back to work again.  Terri and I had some good fun this weekend, until we did what many Americans do on long weekends; we bought something.  Our something is a zero turn mower.  They look so cool, and can turn on a dime.  Unfortunately as we found out, they can also turn on a garden hose, and an irrigation valve.  Glad they don’t require a license.  They don’t, do they?

Any hoo,..

There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends. ~ John 15:13

The consciousness of having discharged that duty which we owe to our country is superior to all other considerations." --George Washington, letter to James Madison, 1788

There have been so many thanks to our service men and women this weekend, as there should be every day.  But as I read the selections for today, I realized that there is always a chance to say thanks.  There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for another.  So we need to realize that the consciousness of having discharged that duty is superior to all other considerations.  So, I want to take this time to thank everyone who has served our great country, offering themselves for our protection.  And I say one more prayer for those whose offer was discharged.  People like those at MSNBC who feel uncomfortable calling our troops heroes should try to spend one day in their place on the front line, in the air over the attack zone, or even under the sea in harm’s way.  If they had to live like our troops do every day, their tune may be a bit different.  I’ve been under the sea.  I have relatives who have been on the line, and in the air.  I know what courage it takes to stand, and not run.  Let them spend a day alongside our bravest.  See who runs first.

I salute our finest, I pray for those in harm’s way, and I can never thank enough those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for me. 

Take care, God bless,


Tom Kiley

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