"Barbie Obama's" Fairytale


Then and now, how four years can change the Barack and Michelle Obama rhetoric – it’s like Ken & Barbie Obama had a Mattel makeover right in front of our eyes.  The speech last night by Michelle Obama was polished and unless one knew the truth it would be easy to fall into the same dismal political Obama pit of 2008. 


Michelle Obama has moved into the clutches of the Obama Administration and Liberal News Media and is now but a victim of the times. The story told last night by Michelle Obama at the DNC Convention was nothing more than a fairytale Cinderella story that was devoid and empty of truth – a story concocted to prey on the emotions of the poor, women, the African American Community and the Hispanics. 


Michelle set the scene describing Obama’s youth describing him as a poor boy without a penny to his name driving an old rusty worn out car and wearing shoes a size too small.  She spins a story about an unknown, knowing full well that none of us have seen his student loans and most of us believe he had a free educational ride here as a foreign student.


In fact, none of us know who this person that some call President Obama really is – the little bit we do know isn’t exactly the kind of information that would make us believe he is or was qualified to lead our Country. His past 3 ½ years confirms that suspicion.


The fact is last night’s speech by Michelle Obama was just a rerun of Obama’s 2008 speeches. She painted a false image of the man she calls her husband – it’s hard to believe that Democrats actually think most Americans will buy the regurgitated “hope and change.”


The changes in 3 ½ years are the most devastatingly changes of our lifetime. Our hard earned money, retirement and our hope was crushed by Obama. He stole our stimulus money for his friends, special interest groups, Unions and corrupt lending institutions. He increased our National Debt over 5 trillion dollars – he squandered our monies on his personal sacred cows.


So when Michelle says he’s a caring person fighting for his Country I beg to differ with her.  He is a dictator striving to promote a new world order and destroy the greatest Nation in the World.


When Michelle mentions women and how Obama is fighting for them – that’s an outright lie or fabrication. During his term as President he has actively under a guise campaigned against women, all women and not one thing outside of securing a few condoms, promise of sex changes and some free healthcare that we’re all paying for can be attributed to Obama. Women are losing jobs daily, they have been relegated to the ancient history shelf with the promise that “big Daddy Government” will care for them.


She briefly mentioned education for our youth – the fact is our college graduates are living in their parents’ garages or basements. No jobs and no hope of jobs!


What Michelle didn’t mention which confirms the shallow platform of the Democrats is: (1)  high unemployment, (2) National Deficit over 16 trillion, (3) Businesses big and small closing their doors or moving out of our Country and (4) The fact we’re not better off then we were four years ago. 


Democrats have controlled the Government since 2006.  They have refused to even try to balance our budget. They are addicted to spending much more than we take in and their platform is nothing but a bunch of “hope and change” rhetoric without solutions, without substantial realistic plans to restore our weakened Nation.


As Ronald Reagan said "Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem."


May God Bless America

As Always.

Little Tboca

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