Barbarians Have Breached The Gate

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barb-1.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xDespite the claims of liberals today, the United States is the greatest nation on Earth, and one could well argue, perhaps one of the most civilized nations in all of history.

That’s not to say that our great nation is perfect. It isn’t, and frankly, it never has been, but unlike all other countries, this country, thanks to the wisdom and foresight of its Founders and Framers, has built-in mechanisms designed for self-correction without the need to utterly destroy it in the process.

Over nearly 244 years, the United States has utilized such mechanisms countless times to right itself when at various tipping points that would lay waste to most other nations.

The very foundation of our greatness comes from our founding documents, specifically the Constitution, and its incorporated Bill of Rights, both of which are the envy of the world.

Ben Franklin once said, “What you have, is a Republic if you can keep it.”

Ronald Reagan said,


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