According to financial disclosure reports, President Obama has an estimated net worth of  $7 million dollars.

Since he was worth $1.3 million in 2007, that makes the millionaire  438% more wealthy than when he first ran for office.

As reported by the International Business Times:

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama listed assets worth between $2 million and $7 million for 2013, of which $1 million to $5 million were in Treasury notes, according to financial disclosure forms released Thursday.

Let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with being a millionaire.  The United States is home to the most millionaires because of the kind of opportunity it offers to hard-working entrepreneurs.

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While the average US citizen has a median income of roughly $51,000, Obama rakes in the cash with an annual presidential salary of $400,000. In addition, he receives money from book royalties and other investments.

Hypocrisy isn’t a stranger to the liberal elite. Michael Moore’s fifty milliondollar fortune came from creating documentaries that makes free enterprise look like the same as corporatism.

The activist left said Mitt Romney was too rich to be president, but had no problem supporting John “I’m Wealthier Than Romney” Kerry when he ran for the same post in 2004.

Under President Obama, income inequality has increased dramatically. Asreported here earlier, of the last three presidents, “the income gap didn’t change overall during the Bush years, increased second most during Clinton’s time, and has increased the most with only 5 years under Obama’s belt.”

Read at:  http://www.ijreview.com/2014/05/138996-obama-1er-438-increase-wealth-since-taking-office/

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  • You ain't seen nothing yet! Obama has been funneling tax payer monies into personal accounts thru his good buddy hand outs ,for years.  when you have a state department that can't not account for $36 Billion dollars and no one seems to care, well my friends we are being robbed! BLIND!

  • We all know they are  stealing us blind. He is still complaining about roads being in disrepair when that was what the stimulus was supposed to fix.

  • I'm sure Killarie's financial picture got greater as well, Oh!  just maybe we now know were the $6 billion went to, it was never lost.

  • Anyone wondering where all that lost stimulus money has gone? We need to check on all his appointee to his cabinet. Especially Valerie Jarrett's hidden accounts overseas.

  • Joan for God's sake, why the hell do u even mention "black folks" - you sound stupid. I am not PC but what is your damn point, Lady? They are anti-American Saul Alinsky PROGRESSIVEs like Hillary Clintong. Bush did a shitty job going to war along with all those Democrats & Repubes who voted TWICE incl Pelosi, Dickhead Durbin, Schumer, HArry Reid... the Left excoriated Bush and then Jackass Barry & Michelle do the exact same thing only 4 times more expensively... as far as spending went. I say TERM LIMITS and get rid of the FED and the EPA and the National Education system in America. Cut the "black people" shit... I am sooo sick of Obama doing anything "black" when he is a GD COMMUNIST - call him what the jerk is & why we hate him: WE HATE COMMUNISM dammit !!!

  • That is because we the LITTLE PEOPLE have to pay for the Obama phones and all the FREE stuff that he likes to give away.  He wants 40 million illegals to stay here??? Let him sponsor them and redistribute his wealth !

  • Those 2 black folks in our White House are robbing our Treasury, along with Holder.

  • WHERE DOES ALL THAT MONEY GO WHEN ERIC HOLDER FINES GM???... WHEN ERIC HOLDER FINES BP???? WHEN ERIC HOLDER FINES THE SEC ??? Please, Michelle dresses like a cheap whore... It took her over a year to wear the correct underpants or a longer sweater so her butt cheeks were covered or looked halfway decent in a rear shot. CNgress should pass a bill to put a CAP on the President's spending on vacations... They are Progressives and WANT to crash the dollar with the blessings of sugar-daddy George Soros... We need to get Glas-Steagal back, remove the down tick laws for Wall ST, (see Michael Savage's TRICKLE DOWN POVERTY) and remove Dodd-Frank, and remove ObummercareCastroTax......I AM SICK OF THIS DAMN CRONYISM. EVERY CHANCE JACK ASS HAS HE IS DENIGRADING our American way of life, from the defunct coal mines to the overreach of the EPA. PUT HIM IN JAIL. Jesus help us: the government job workers incl the CORRUPT Teachers Unions get the raises along with bonuses to everyone from Obamacare help to the damned MF-ers at IRS.... THAT IS OUR MONEY & all he does is live on the high hog like the PIGS they are. TERM LIMITS !!! TERM LIMITS !!! And LIMITS ON PRESIDENTIAL SPENDING... F--K You Barry and Moochelle... GOD SMITE YOU DOWN and leave US alone and fruitful withOUT you Saul Alinskyites and your Muslim Brotherhood relatives & friends throughout the Middle East, Africa and the US Congress and Hillary's livingroom (Huma Abedin & her damned family) (see www.shoebat.com ... www.AaronKlein.com .... www.WND.com NOW).

    Walid Shoebat - Former Muslim Brotherhood Member Now Peace Activist
    Former Muslim Brotherhood Member Now Peace Activist
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