Every year 50,000 plus people are killed and a great number of those are teenagers. Some people claim they are drinking when it happens, sometimes it is just an accident, suicide or sadly some are premeditated murder. Of course, they are used in crimes and are very dangerous in the wrong hands, especially young people. Regardless, people die and this must stop, RIGHT? If only the trained police or certain professionals were able to use them the streets would be safer, thousands of citizens would not be killed and we could set an example for the world. There is no doubt that they are very dangerous and with daily deaths mounting we should do something!

I am talking about vehicles, cars and trucks! Yes, the same argument holds for vehicles as does for guns. The primary difference is that many more people are killed with or in vehicles. They do save lives and prevent crimes, as do guns in the hands of citizens, but no one ever wants to talk about those details.

The environmental people should support this ban, but I do NOT! It makes no more sense than banning guns. It s the person, not the instrument that kills people. Knifes, hammers, screw drivers, ice picks, box cutters, etc. are all dangerous in the wrong and evil hands.

I regret any loss of life, but I value my freedom and will not give it up for alleged increased security. Our Founding Fathers warned us to never give up freedom for promised security.

When I went to public school every boy had a  pocket knife and there were no gun free zones and in fact some kids had them in the cars. We have a people and a morals problem today and need to address it. Israel schools have armed teachers, surrounded by terrorists and people who would attack their children if they were in a gun free zone. The incident yesterday might have been stopped, if Bill Clinton had not banned guns from military bases in 1993. Ever on duty soldier should wear a side arm, as they did in past wars and that evil sick man would have been stopped VS. a shooting gallery. Just as my example of banning vehicles does not make sense, neither does gun free military bases or schools.

The Navy shooter was using a shotgun and even crazy uncle Joe said he has one of them. Obama and others will use this crisis to push gun bans and they are chasing the wrong issue. We have a people problem.  


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  • Obama,Feinstein,here you go again on"Gun Control".Just by using the deaths of a dozen lost souls that died in the D.C.shooting at "The Naval Yard".You Democrats are good at playing on the lives of those that have lost love ones.You all are so sad! If you all haven't figured it out yet,"Guns" are not the problem! The people behind the guns are the problem and that includes you all in "The White House".If you will notice,all of these mass shootings have occured in "Gun Free Zones"."We The People" should have had our weapons to protect ourselves and others! So how is taking away more "Gun Rights" going to solve the problem? It is not! If you all had not made The Naval Base a gun free zone,we would not have had as many deaths.Also,the shooter was "NUTS" yet due to your all's "Political Correctness",and afraid to "Profile" a person,the V.A.Hospital was afraid to label him a Black Man with a Mental Disorder and he was just overlooked.You see,Guns are not the
    problem,D.C. and our political leaders are.I know this letter will make little sense to you all since most of you do not understand "God Given Logic and Wisdom". Obama,stop writing your Illegal Gun Laws and stop trampling "We The Peoples Constitutional Rights!" Lets get this done now! Bryan
  • Aside from the declared war on American coal and energy production the largest war is against the Second Amendment! Apathy is our greatest threat that we can control.

  • I agree Obama will use mental health issues to start taking guns and revoking gun permits. Supposedly, in todays weak America and everyone is a victim world 1/3 of all Americans have a mental illness and many of the rest have other medical issues.  The plan will use any reason to register all weapons and then use that list to confiscate them. Never surrender freedom for promised security

  • The press is starting to focus on the shooter's mental illness.  This has resulted in a call for review of security clearance and employment background checks.   This is now starting to evolve into a situation where some are calling for a centralized database that links mental health records into the gun purchase background check process and employment process. 

    This is a very slippery slope, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, 26.2 or almost one third of the United States' population suffers from a mental health issue.  Statistics also show that higher functioning, higher IQ, people have a greater incident of mental health issues.  Einstein for example had a number of mental health issues.   This move to centralize mental health records could result in one third of the United States being excluded from employment in a variety of fields. 

    I note these statistics don't include those suffering from TBI or stroke induced changes to mental state.  If we factor these in the statistics go to well over 1/3 of the United States Population. 

    The danger of such a database is that we could also exclude up to 1/3 of the United States from full exercise of their constitutional rights.  If we factor in the fact that convicted felons can't vote or buy weapons, we find that that if we exclude them, along with those having mental health issues, that only about 1/3 of the United States will be able to fully exercise their full sets of constitutional rights. 

    As I said its a slippery slope

    Food for thought        

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