Balanced Budget Act of 2013 Rev - 01

I asked for ideas.......and came up with one myself

Here is the revised might want to skip the initial part... jump down to the 10/15/13 line.

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The Internet is Great.

This might be my most brilliant idea….. ever.

But like most “why didn’t I think of that” it didn’t just “pop”.

This idea had help from an internet blog. I replied, but the idea would not leave

So, the Balanced Budget Act of 2013 bill is being sent to my politicians…FAT chance THEY will do  anything with it.

Balanced Budget Act of 2013

  1. This doesn’t have any of those whaeras, herein, ibid stuff
  2. The President WILL submit a budget to Congress no later than TBD, or he is automatically dismissed from Office with no perks, pensions, etc.
  3. Congress WILL make all adjustments to balance the budget.
  4. IF Congress fails to Balance the Budget, funds to do so come FIRST from the salaries, perks, health subsidies, pensions, etc of Congress and the White House.
  5. IF the total of funds in #4 are not adequate to achieve Balance, additional funds WILL be taken from Congressional and White House Staffers,czars and other appointees, followed by Government Employees, excluding any/all serving  or who have served in our Armed Forces.
  6. Finally, if that is not enough the remainder  needed to balance will be taken as an across the board cut of each and every line item in the budget.

This is DRAFT #1. Do you have any suggestions to improve it?

10/15/2013 12:26 PM  Rev - 01

Well, I guess I gave toooooo much latitude to our DC dudes. WE NEED a budget  target else we can have an impossible to execute balanced budget ( at unachievable revenues).

So, what should the target be? Firstly it is agreed that the level should be expressed as a % of GDP. After that the figures range from 20% to 30% and even as high as 40%. Most all reflect needed changes in Federal Policy; changes to entitlement programs ( reductions).

One thing IS clear. Federal Policy changes ARE needed, or we will collapse. True, they have to recognize the impact of a different America.  However, they also have to admit that past policies were unwise and address reductions in entitlements.

 Here are two charts that illustrate the underlying thought.


  1. Figure 1 shows the “do nothing” result….
    1. Social security is flat at about 5%, Medicare/Medicaid GROWS by 10%  to 17% of GDP, and Debt Interest grows by about 13% to become 16% of GDP
    2. b.      The “do nothing “policy results in a budget of 40% of GDP; A DISASTER - WE MUST DO SOMETHING!
    3. Figure 3 shows several different scenarios that involve different degrees of reductions.
      1. I like 23 %.. and choose it for MY target.
      2. Strangely these do not explicitly address the “poverty” entitlements or “disability “ benefits which are being severely abused; as much by Government as by the addicts.
        1. In passing here is an immediate challenge to our Congress

                                                               i.      IF you choose to do nothing about the abuses as (exemplified by Jason Greenslate) are you willing to personally pay his ( and his cohorts) benefits?


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  • Scusi,


    23% is ok in the out years as we grow older.

    For the next 10 15 years it should 21% max.



  • I goggled Nancy d'alexandro Pelosi net worth along with other so called People's voice in congress, Diane Feinstein, Obama and wife all poor politicians now multi-millionaires. How  would they know how the average person retired and living on social security live.  All of this money on a government salary of between 170k and 250K / year. now they are millionaires getting richer. I am truly embarrassed being from Nevada mis-represented by Harry Reid. 

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