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Theres a English version Koran, Ive read it I need to know my ememy Islum. I learned who they are, what they are, what they want,& how they are going to try & get it. Mohamid can stick it. My father retired navy & history teacher, Ive learned alot from. Both of us Christian, conservative, republican. We can get into some heated debates. Everytime at the end of the day, theres love & agreement. Before the 1st caucus or primary we both had our minds made up for a ticket me Mitt for pres because of economy & Newt for VP because of foreign affairs. My dad just reverse. Now someone, somewhere come up w/ a better ticket, that can beat obama, dems & libs. Who ? I took a walk thru DC today on the net, went to our enemies white house, obama, capital many dems. I saw not one word of truth, all lies, distruction of AMERICA theft, contempt of court & our laws. contempt of our constitutions. kissing the butt of our foreign enemies tearing down our economy etc etc. Ive had enough.         GOD BLESS THE TEA PARTY & GOD BLESS AMERICA

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