Obama must be feeling great going back to the home country and spending 100 million dollars in the process. I guess he will be out for the fourth of July, as he doesn't like much about our past and wants to transform America into a third world un armed country. Cutting 10 military brigades and demoralizing our military is more than any enemy could do or hope for and Obama is doing it. Crushing any Christian he can within the military and where ever else he can, IE, forcing birth control and abortion on the Catholics, while exempting the Muslims, as they like Sharia law, unions and other large campaign supporters. Packing the courts while hoping for that solid 5 to 4 flip of the Supreme Court. That would be the ultimate final stake into the heart of our country. I can imagine how happy ever enemy of America when Obama opens his mouth and every executive order and other anti American action he makes. It makes me sick.

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  • I agree, Open mouth, and insert foot. I have a great Idea. How bout he become their President! They like em so much! You can see his disdain for Americans. He doesnt even hide it any more.

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