Mehdiya Hudda, 22, of Kichener, planned a short shopping trip in Lewiston, N.Y., near Niagara Falls, with her mother and husband on April 26, returning to Canada the same evening. The family is Muslim and both women wear head scarves. They ended up being fingerprinted and photographed, then held in a room at the U.S. border for about six hours, while their car, cellphones and belongings were searched. At 1 AM, they were told to return to Canada.

The Record  (h/t Brian R) Her family was denied entry to the U.S. in May 2003 when they were trying to attend an Islamic conference in Washington, D.C.”This many years later and still it’s the same thing, we’re being treated like criminals,” Hudda said. “After all these years, they’ve not changed. It just boggles my mind.

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“It’s not justified,” she said. “It was like we had no rights, (you don’t) being on that line between the U.S. and Canada.” The whole incident was humiliating, especially because it unfolded in full view of hundreds of other travelers, she said.

Rather than simply being told to pull over, out of the line of vehicles at the border crossing, the border guard asked for the van’s keys and placed spikes behind the rear wheels so the van couldn’t be reversed without puncturing the tires. Then three other officers came and asked them to leave all their belongings, including purses, wallets and cellphones, in the van and accompany them to a nearby office.

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  • Oh well!!!! If we Americans who r NOT the ones who flew jetliners into buildings have to go through the damn searches why shouldn't u!!! Dont like it go back to the ass backwards country u r from. Believe me u won't b missed im sure in Canada.
  • There is only one good Muslim that you can trust.  That is one that is six feet under the grass... We don't need them here and they should all go back to where they came from..  

  • no wonder they wear head scarves,just look at them.if I were you I,d put a bag over my head,and pretend your grocerys.maybe a head a lettuce.muslums like beheading.there you go,a head of lettuce.but musmutts lets not get ahead of ourselves.god bless American veterans/citizens

  • AWWWW...Too bad, Lady!!   You all would NOT believe what all my husband took off "muslims" when he was a T.S.A. employee.  AND WHAT THEY HAD IN THEIR CHECKED BAGS, when he did that duty!!!  

    All muslims are going to try to get away with anything they can.  There ARE NO good muslims.  Adherence to the koran is anti-American.   CHECK IT OUT ON-LINE AND READ SOME OF IT!!!   It will turn your stomach!

  • Oh! boo hoo   what part do these piece-ful people want to chop odd? head, hands, you name it they will chop it off.       don't let anymore in we already have the WH full of them, chopping up our constitution

  • There is enough raghead trash in the U.S. already.

  • You ARE criminals (Muslims)! You have NO RIGHTS here! You are fortunate that someone did not shoot your ass (didn't want to endanger the border guards), burn your van with all the belongings in it (same reason---protect the guards)! You should be embarrassed, as you ARE an embarrassment! Why don't you go back to the country you came from? Poor little evil morons!

  • Deport them ALL we don't need nor want these mudslims in our country trying to tell us that we need to believe in Sharia law!

  • Darn it. I feel bad. Shucks.

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