Mehdiya Hudda, 22, of Kichener, planned a short shopping trip in Lewiston, N.Y., near Niagara Falls, with her mother and husband on April 26, returning to Canada the same evening. The family is Muslim and both women wear head scarves. They ended up being fingerprinted and photographed, then held in a room at the U.S. border for about six hours, while their car, cellphones and belongings were searched. At 1 AM, they were told to return to Canada.

The Record  (h/t Brian R) Her family was denied entry to the U.S. in May 2003 when they were trying to attend an Islamic conference in Washington, D.C.”This many years later and still it’s the same thing, we’re being treated like criminals,” Hudda said. “After all these years, they’ve not changed. It just boggles my mind.

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“It’s not justified,” she said. “It was like we had no rights, (you don’t) being on that line between the U.S. and Canada.” The whole incident was humiliating, especially because it unfolded in full view of hundreds of other travelers, she said.

Rather than simply being told to pull over, out of the line of vehicles at the border crossing, the border guard asked for the van’s keys and placed spikes behind the rear wheels so the van couldn’t be reversed without puncturing the tires. Then three other officers came and asked them to leave all their belongings, including purses, wallets and cellphones, in the van and accompany them to a nearby office.

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  • It's been since 2003 and the dumb woman doesn't get the message yet? Hello! We Don't Want You Period! Get Over It!

  • I would expect that if a person with flaming red hair and hazel eyes were killing people I would expect that they check me close because I look like that. That is just the way it is. The folks that killed our people looked like you all so I guess you will have to deal with it!!!!!    Somehow I don't think that will be the answer for you all though.  You get special treatment!!

  • Gerald V. Todd----very well stated throughout! Anyone with an iota of intelligence knows you a right on in your assessment! The blocker is the ability to face the truthful facts! Thank you!

  • American citizens going into or coming back from Canada must carry passports and go through random searches.  Why do these muslim womem from Canada think they should not be subjected to any search!!! As I stated in my previous comment, our truckers must carry passports and be subjected to search going into or coming out of Canada, so why do these women expect special exception from the border crossing searches. They are testing our security checkpoints for weaknesses for future nefarious activities. Such attempts have occurred before at other border entry points such as one in Seattle where a single muslim man had a car loaded with explosives. This recon tactic is nothing new, but it is ongoing.  Imagine how vigilant Israel must be every day to prevent suicide bombers. We must never forget 9/11 and the heinous plans hatched by muslim terrorists to execute it. Never trust those who will not condemn the radicals who committed terrorist attacks as not speaking against them is acceptance of the act. Be ever vigilant.

  • Tana W> Bernard-----NOW here is a statement that really makes sense! Just reading the story makes one wonder what these two were up to! Tana caught it right away! That is how they operate: send in the women to test the security, see how alert they are, spout about being insulted, etc! Then they return, share their experience and plans are formulated for future action(s)! Very well done, Tana!

  • A wild guess, but if they were targeted in 2003 because they were attending  Muslim "conferences" they were still o n the Alert List.   Too bad our State Dept were not so alert when the Boston Bombers were coming and going  in/out of this country.  Even when they were given heads up to watch these guys.

  • Carolan La Vallee-----I am sure the border guards are aware of that technique, as it is one of the oldest on the books!

  • You Have NO RIGHTS NOT IN THIS COUNTRY, You Murdering Bitch of a camel !!!!!!

  • A drive from Kichener to NY for a shopping trip? Not likely! I have been to Kichener to visit friends previously and this town has ample shopping venues. It was more likely that it was a dry test run of security measures currently in place. Many attempts have been made to enter the US with car bombs since 9/11 and been thwarted. It only takes one slip-up of security for another tragedy to happen. I would rather they be offended than a car bomb slip into our country for detonation causing casualties in shopping areas as what frequently happens in Israel. Keep border security tight and Americans safe! Search any vehicles for safety of all citizens. One of my truck driving relatives often takes loads into Canada and must carry her US passport and submit to search going and coming back. She understands why the border agents must search her truck.

  •    It tears me up to think that these two beauties were mistreated at out border? Canada wins we loose another pile of turds.

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