Avoid Being Assimilated By The Borg (the RNC)


Once again the Tea Party makes national headlines.

And once again the message (government overspending) is overshadowed by the messeger (Ann Coulter).

I'm not knocking Ann - she's politically to the right of me, but I enjoy reading her columns *because* I don't always agree. I think she is intelligent, acerbic, pointed - and an even worse publicist for the Tea Party than Sarah Palin.

And that's saying something!

She exemplifies the Left point-of-view that the Tea Party is an ignorable whacky fringe Republican thing. Which is odd - the Republicans have been spending like drunken sailors on shore leave for years, and they're only now getting in bed with the Tea Party because they're both anti-Obama.

If the Tea Party wants political traction, they'll need some Dem support too.

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  • I don't think AC wants to nuke anyone... but I'm not here to defend her. If you don't like her, that's OK.
  • Ann Coulter wants to nuke countries that don,t think her way. Since when did our country have that demeanted attitude? not in the 80,s not 90,s.
  • Sarah is closer to a RINO, but Ann? I don't see her that way.
  • Tea Party doesn,t need a Ann or Sarah, they are just Rino plants. The Rino,s and Dem,s have Bankrutped our country, as they say, for our own good and under general welfare clause. Its Protect General Welfare, not PROVIDE. Tariffs Protect the General Welfare, not taxing the wages of hard working Citizens who hired the Public SERVANTS to uphold the Constitution. When you hear anyone on Fox[socialism], or CNN[Fascism], you know the are giving you disinformation, or they wouldn,t be allowed on the Controlled air.
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