Attack of the 50-Foot Killer Elite Monster

Adrian-Peterson-and-his-son-300x206.jpgFolks, this crap has gotten serious. Our fellow Americans, black and white, are suffering and even dying because the elites in politics and the mainstream media have been selling false narratives (lies) to black youths for decades.

A recent article exposed the unreported phenomenon that mobs of hundreds of black youths are wreaking havoc in major cities, attacking innocent whites, including old men and women. They are stealing and destroying property at will; without getting arrested I might add. Why are these black youths so filled with racial hate? Why do they feel justified in their actions?

I throw the blame at the feet of the elites with big stages and big microphones who hate America as founded; the let's-help-Obama-fundamentally-transform the country crowd. Using their powerful platforms in public schools, Hollywood, TV and news outlets, elites have been spreading their evil gospel of victimhood, division and hate.

When you consistently tell black kids via the media and in class rooms that white men and cops exploit every opportunity to shoot them, that all opposition to Obama's agenda is racially motivated, that all wealth was stolen from the poor, that all of their failures and woes are due to white privilege, how on earth could you not expect black youths to hate whites and feel justified taking back everything stolen from them?

We whine about MSM bias. But the problem is far more physically dangerous and tyrannical. How long will we allow self-important elite vipers to control us, dictating what is acceptable public opinion via their consensus, bullying Americans into submission?

Everyone knows if you dare challenge the elites' view of an issue, your derriere is grass. It has gotten really outrageous and scary, folks. If you buck these people, you risk total destruction, the loss of your job or your career. And for good measure, they drench you with a bucket of foul smelling public humiliation.

No longer are Americans allowed to think or behave according to our conscience or faith. Elites all over TV have decreed that we commoners must surrender our will to them. Period.

A few examples.

The elites' consensus is pro football player Adrian Peterson spanking his child with a switch is child abuse, and they are demanding that Peterson pay dearly. Most members of the elite believe you should never spank a child.

Proverbs 23:13 says, “Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you punish them with the rod, they will not die.”

When I was a kid, Mr. Charley abused his grandson Charles, and all us kids in the neighborhood knew it. All us neighborhood kids were spanked by our parents with belts and switches, but Charles endured beatings.

One Sunday morning, I did something worthy of a spanking. Dad did not want to spank me before preaching his sermon at church. He promised to deliver justice after church.

I completely forgot dad's promise and was enjoying a delightful Sunday afternoon when dad summoned me to their bedroom. He fulfilled his promise. What a dirty trick. Just kidding -- my dad was and still is wonderful.

The elite take everything to the ultimate extreme to intimidate people into agreeing with them or keeping their mouth shut. Any TV pundit not jumping on the elites' Adrian-Peterson-is-a-child-abuser bandwagon is accused of contributing to the abuse of children.

Since 1933, the Washington, DC pro football team has been called the Redskins. Out of the blue, the elites' have deemed the name as offensive as calling blacks the n-word. Wimpy sportscasters have vowed to no long say the name on the air. For crying out loud dudes, grow a spine.

Elites have decided that anything less than 100% public embrace of homosexuality is hate speech. So when Superbowl-winning coach Tony Dungy said he would not have selected the first homosexual player because the media circus would cause a huge distraction in the locker room, elites went crazy. They verbally bludgeoned Dungy and figuratively dragged his carcass through the MSM streets branding him a Christian hater.

Elites have zero tolerance for the slightest push back or disagreement once they have established their consensus on an issue.

Then there is the Ray and Janay Rice incident. The elites are demanding the head of Ray Rice delivered to them on a silver platter.

Elites are vilifying fans, incensed that they would display such insolence by wearing Rice jerseys and advocating that Rice not be banned from pro football for life. Perhaps fans are requesting a little mercy for Rice because they remember crazy, stupid, impulsive mistakes they made in their youth. I remember my stuff. But let's not go there. Jesus said, “He who is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” (John 8:7)

Check out the suffering in these comments from Mrs Rice.

No one knows the pain that the media & unwanted options (sic) from the public has caused my family. To make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret everyday is a horrible thing. To take something away from the man I love that he has worked his ass off for all his life just to gain ratings is a horrific (sic).”

Is this young couple receiving any sympathy from holier-than-thou paragons of compassion among the elites? No. Their attitude is screw you, Mr and Mrs Rice. This is our opportunity to extort money from the NFL and further our false narrative that women, like blacks, are routinely beaten and abused in America.

When will more Americans “get it” that the elites believe America is the greatest evil on the planet?

Rest assured, the elites will read my comments regarding Mr and Mrs Rice and attempt to brand me a hater of women. My beautiful wonderful wife of 38 years will tell them to get a life.

Do you see what we are up against folks? A 50-foot killer elite monster dictates what we can say publicly. This extremely viscous beast crushes challengers while devouring our freedom of speech and controls our behavior. The elites go happily on their way to their next A-list event, ignoring the destruction left behind in the wake of their violence and hate inspiring rhetoric (lies).

It is crucial that we stay alert and not buy into the elites' spin or be intimidated into embracing their mandated opinions on issues.

Quoting Nancy Reagan, it is time to “just say no!”

Lloyd Marcus, Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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  • Another great read. I hear ya, Lloyd! More people are learning every day who the enemy actually is. The FIGHT shall continue, until they're beaten back.

  • As for the "elite mouthpieces", not a single one of them has a "spotless background"; most of them have just been able to "buy silence".  We (and the media) should start "outing" them; every time one of them opens their mouth to attack someone else, dig up some of their dirt and PUBLISH it, for the whole world to see.  Even it you have to publish it in the Enquirer, Canada Free Press, or European News - - give them a taste of their own medicine!

  • Take all these black racist youths to Africa and leave them there.  See how they get along with their own kind.  I am tired of the RACIST White COMMENTS.  If we are so racist, why is there a black president.   PERIOD......

  • TO:  Lloyd - I have had great respect for you -  until this article.  I believe you need to research this much more thoroughly.  Have you seen the wounds on the child's leg?  Do you know how many children he has out of wedlock?  None of this is positive.  You should make no excuse for that harsh behavior.

    And to dismiss Ray Rice's brutal assault on his then-girlfriend???  Did you really watch that video?  He slammed her into an unconscious state and then dragged her from the elevator - while she was still unconscious.  You write that off as a ".. crazy, impulsive stupid mistake of his youth". ?  You Mr. Marcus, need to re-think your writing - you are a greatly influential person.

    We GET the one-world media - but these incidents go way over the line. 

  • Now patriarch of the elite Rockefeller is throwing America under Islam's Toyota bus because his New World Order (Odor) doesn't have enough people to defeat America. After the murder and mayhem, he'll swoop in with his police state and suppress winners and losers. EVIL dude...Semper Fi Nam 66-67

  • America is craving for a leader. One who is not afraid of taking charge. A person that will protect it’s citizens and make America strong. Help us keep America’s Republic strong. sign the petition for Dr. Carson to run in 2016.

  • Feminist and women are the main force on this as they were on the pathetic crusade against Vick, Even blacks are not safe from the wrath of these people when their line is crossed  

  • THE WHITE MAN DID STEAL FROM THE BLACKS.....THE WHITE MAN ALSO STOLE FROM OTHER LESS INFORMED WHITES. They also kidnapped all colors of people and sold them into slavery. It has nothing to do with race, and has everything to do with selfishness..The Black Man has also put his own kind into slavery by gathering up people to sell to the white slave market. The Black Man has also killed and starved his own kind in the genocide of millions of Black African men woman and CHILDREN by ruthlessly slashing them up with the machete. It is also the White Man who donates millions of dollars every year to the starving people in Africa. If Black people wish to combat this problem they must come together with the White Men who are suffering at the hands of these selfish people so we can all rid the world of these people.

  • isn't it amazing how much smarter Hollywood is than the rest of us.  Some can hardly form an intelligent  sentence , yet we are to conform to their way. It must be the star dust in their eyes. Obama and Hollywood has the same mental disorder.

  • the elites and the bunch of radical hating pukes who live inthe cities need to realy understand that they need to stay
    in their commun's in the cities, and keep their bull crap right
    there at home, as if they try and spread it out here to the real
    world  in the rural area, they will meet with dire consequenses
    and will find the local folks a bit hostile to their attitudes, and
    will probably return home feet first, in a body bag.  other than
    That, maybe they all need to take up track, and learn to run
    like the wind, faster than a speeding arrow, as  we the people
    who live out here in the real world, will not put up with their
    bullcrap, without taking direct and affirmative action to put a
    immediate stop to any aggressive and criminal acts from folks
    not from our communities. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This reply was deleted.