Assassination and the Culture of Death


Two NYPD cops were assassinated on Brooklyn streets by a crazed gunman who publicly bragged about his plans after shooting his girlfriend in another city.

For months I’ve been pointing out the two halves of the “Culture of Death” – the “progressive” who sees no value in the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death, and the jihadi who thinks he’s going to heaven for killing the innocent. Given their collusion with each other – consciously or unconsciously, they have created a culture that is completely foreign to the natural order where it is known that “all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator…” They insist on a two class society of rulers and the slaves whose lives have no meaning.

I find it interesting that one side of this axis of evil – the “progressive” – is ever striving to disarm the citizenry. The President, the Attorney General, the Mayors of New York and Chicago, New York, California and Illinois Senators, Academia, race baiters like Al Sharpton and other radical leftists have been successful in denigrating our police forces, our borders, and the rule of law. Today, they had their comeuppance at the expense of the lives of two cops, their families and the freedoms we have enjoyed.

The other side, caliphatic jihad is sending out trained martyrs and terrorists with heaven in mind to do individual acts of murder and mayhem – all for Allah, of course. The cop killer took his own life after his despicable act. Was he martyring himself or just plain insane with hate? We may never know.

The time has come for the 2nd Amendment to receive its due respect by acknowledging every citizen (registered voter with photo ID) the right to carry. There is no way our police can protect us, no matter how “paramilitary” they become. They will always need citizen back up when the camel dung hits the fan… and it will.

A strong military and personal defense are acknowledgements of real life. How can anyone raid someone’s home or coffee shop unless he has the distinct advantage of being armed for mayhem with no one to resist him/her? They only seek to destroy the works, hopes and dreams of others. Burning and pillaging have been the work of the ignorant and misguided since the Library at Alexandria was burned to the ground.

We will do better when we make sure we have leaders who appreciate the blessings of liberty.

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  • Wonderful and cogent responses!

    Pamela, You're right about the Fed -  a private bank. When I came up with some Theories of Relativity - Political, Equal Justice and Science, they all start with an evaluation of the current situation where money is the master and beauty is in the sewer.

    Reversing our upside down world puts Beauty at the top along with it's precious twin - the Declaration of Independence. Through a series of causes and effects, money is the servant of a fountain of prosperity. These can be seen on under my Contributor name - Wild Vortex.

    Two major financial items - I would cancel or severely discount any debt that was created against fiat money rather than the true growing wealth of the nation. I would also either outlaw or heavily tax schemes that make money by manipulating money. I would make sure interest rates were well below 10%, but high enough to encourage savings and frugality.

    Bankers can make honest money as the people prosper. As it is, since the Fed was formed, the true value of the dollar has dropped over 96%. They have to cover for their thievery - I call it "tribute" - by creating more money to pay off past deficits.

  • But how are you going to have those leaders when the illuminati (the secret world government) started the Federal Reserve, which is not a federal bank at all in 1913 us ordering us to go to war for all these false purposes, such as 9/11, blaming it on the Arabs for an excuse to go to war when it was not done at all, but the actual illuminati which burned the towers down (which there is so much evidential proof of that the Atty. Gen. of New Jersey now investigating it in a Supreme Court case.)

    Andrew Jackson warned us that if we were ever to let a bank gain control of the Congress, that we would lose all our freedoms. Pres. Kennedy gave a broadcast speech describing them in detail, and he was shot by them after they brainwashed they psychiatric patient to blame it on.And surely we are, bit by bit with the impact meant of the Patriot Act, not a "patriot" act at all, but a disguise me to take away more of our freedoms and to turn us into a police state, which we are now just starting to become. Check out

  • What the hell can obama or anybody of ill intent do to stop an entire nation when We
    physically take a stand?!  Do not take this wrong but I must use the Second Amendment as an
    example, for certainly this Amendment exists and underscores more than to simply make an
    implication that the Laws of our land will not always reign supreme, be used fairly or justly.  

    Cuba?? Feinstein CIA ??? executive memos ??? How much is enough? Enough in term one was enough!
    Obama and his evil mentality, and the vile nature of those before him, plus the one world
    idiots have divided us - but I do not think thoroughly nor successfully! But to enrage us.
    All cowards, Liberals, leftists each say that war - a civil war - is bad. All humane people in
    general know that! And knows this more than a soldier? God Almighty made only one United
    States of America - not one that is commie run and also one that honors the Republic.

    Dont suggest that I am in a hurry to jump into Civil War - The People have only been pummeled
    unceasingly for 6 straight years and owing to our sitting on our hands, horrific irreparable
    damages to our fine country have occurred. We must physically engage our enemy! This time is
    now upon us~!

  • It is a cinch the jerks we have in there now don't care about the US or our Constitution.

  • "Cultures within Societies can be oxymoron's!"  If not at 'odds' with the Majority of the Society, they become a productive part of that Society.  When Societies, become 'threaten' by the minorities, (regardless, if the majorities,  outnumber the 'Majority' of the residents) they do as 'Societies' of the Ages do:  "They prepare to confront, the Threat" How, they prepare, is the Elephant in the Room!  Some pass more Laws, some increase their 'Police Departments', they hold more 'Public Meetings, if that does not 'defuse' the situation, then 'legal actions' are next, from both sides of the conflict/threat.  This is the mode of operations, I endorse: "Due Diligence, using  "Due Process".  Which, only leads to a 'bandage' on the Culture Wounds!  Based, on the Ideology of the culture, those wounds could be from old injuries, from ancient times to modern times, still festering wait for a 'Cure'!  Its up to the 'Individual' Homo Sapiens Sapiens to make their own decision to use Violence or Peace to help cure the Wound.  Violence seems to get the 'message' out faster unintended consequences happen (Innocent People or Property gets hurt/destroyed),  'Peace' may be slower, to make an outcome, and usually does no harm to innocents or their property.  Does, either solution, provide a Permanent Change?  No, because for some reason(s), Homo Sapiens Sapiens as a 'Specie', continue to 'Think' up 'Reasons' (rational or not), gather a 'Group of Like Thinker's' (cults/tribes/cultures), make their own Rules/Laws, regardless, what other locals, regions, etc. want!  Hot conflicts have many 'facets' some being 'ideology of the group', 'treasury of others surrounding that group''need for more Real Estate', of other rational, written in 'Holy Scriptures', 'Secular Literature',  as 'Sins' 'Wants', etc. 
    This is all Fictional, until proven Factual, over time!  In the mean time its my opinion and my freedom of expression, using the freedom of the WWW.   And no offense intended.  "Two Public Servants, gave up the life on earth, to which most, USA Societies would see as tragic, which I believe is, as a Theorist/Philosopher, I see it as an 'opportunity' to see, how or why, (there is always a Why!  it might not be reveled.)individual Homo's seldom operate in a 'vacuum' so, someone(s) know why, this young person, choose violence, over peaceful ways, everyone else, can only guess: especially these Officers Families and Friends, so if the individual who knows the, why, please share it with the Family! " My condolances to the Family and the NYPD." NYPD survived the 'Twin Towers' which was hard on the World, as a 'Good Agency' this to will pass! 2014

  • Today's title, 'Assassination and the Culture of Death", brings to mind, an article I read yesterday, on Veterans' Today website, written by Jim Fetzer.  It would seem this "culture" has been with US for quite awhile  - -brings to mind JFK, RFK, MLK and many others, even more long ago.  I had even deluded myself into thinking WE were "better than this" only to discover how wrong I've  been!  Anyway, I digress - -

       One of the subtitles, in the post, led me to do research on the death of Senator Paul Wellstone, of Minnesota, who "died" 16 days before the Nov. 2002 elections.  If you remember, this was when Al Franken (the uncomical comedian) came on the scene and was appointed to replace Senator Wellstone.  By all appearances, Sen. Wellstone was considered to be a "serious threat" to the GOP!  If you take the time to research Sen. Wellstone's "assassination", you will be just as shocked as I was.  But, I would ask you to go even further, in your research efforts and look at "VP Dick Cheney's executive assassination team".  Enough background research and witness interviews were produced, to make all of it believable AND probable.

  • Wonderful post but there is one problem. Photo ID comes with a drivers permit! The treasonous Federal Administration under Obama, a Marxist Muslim, has illegals getting driving permits! Just open your heart and see that the Liberal media is more treasonous than is Obama in that they want a fully controlled citizenship under Communist edict!

  • Seems we have very few men left in this Country.     If we did, the POS would be gone by now. Possibly involved in a very long term in Jail for "Aiding & Abetting" the Enemy.      If siding with Castro isn't aiding and abetting, what is the definition?    Ask Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio what they think of this move.     Stupid, without knowledge, Rand Paul thinks it's a great idea, you'd think an eye doctor would have better vision, or where has he been, under a rock.  Another TP mistake.     There seems to be such a cowardly Group of people in this Country that they will sit by, and watch all of this without raising a finger.     Impeach the Bastard NOW!!!!!  Then try him for Treason!

  • The Likes of Al Sharpton and his march in NYC with his chanting "Of what doe want?Dead COPS when do we want it RIGHT NOW"The blood of the two NYC Police officers are on his hand as if he himself pulled the trigger.That shyster should be brought up on murder charges for inciting  a riot and murder.When are the American people gonna grow a pair and stand up to that faker and those like him.If a white man tried to pull off some of the things these race baiters tried they would wind up in jail posthaste.Its his ilk that keeps the old racial sh*t pot stirred up to keep the stench of racial bias blowing in the wind.The sh*t stirrers are always telling the blacks how the whiteman keeps them down.How the white man gets all the jobs and all the breaks in life.If I am correct there is laws on the books which frowns on inciting riots and could land you in jail.Those two NYC Cops would be alive today if not for the race hustlers.

  • If anyone who is "chomping at the bit" to blame white cops for murder would also blame all the blacks who are killing blacks--at an extremely high percentage rate--probably the highest except for Islamics then all the shouting and marching and murders might be believed. How can anyone with good sense and sound judgement believe them.

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