4063728647?profile=original                       Are Hollywood actors cowards about Obama Syrian military action?

As President Obama prepares the nation to go to war through his apparent ‘go it alone’ strategy where are the screams of alarm from Hollywood? Remember when the left cost Hollywood elite accused former President Bush of “Cowboy Diplomacy?” Now, with Britain on the sidelines with the rest of Obama’s coalition of the unwilling, his charm offensive at the G-20 Summit in Russia is under performing. Hollywood’s liberal millionaires are currently deafeningly silent.

This is in strange contrast to the continued poisonous verbal assaults by Hollywood actors lobbed against then President George Bush. Unlike Obama, Bush worked tirelessly to build an international 46 nation “Coalition of the Willing” to join the United States in war against Iraq.

Obama on the other hand cannot seem to muster a 2 nation Coalition of the Unwilling. Barack Obama has not made his case to America nor to the world and it is totally apparent to Americans to many of the former American Iraq and Afghanistan allies. This is Obama’s War and its launch has more to do with his embarrassment over a red line in the Syrian soil which even now he has attempted to erase.

As U.S. military forces prepare for war through its Mediterranean battleship presence, Hollywood with its liberal Obama yes men and women, seem to be hiding and strangely and uncharacteristically silent about possible military action and war.

Seann Penn, who like Hanoi Jane Fonda has had a penchant for visiting wartime enemies of America has not flung one typically profane word or otherwise toward Obama. Where is the outrage Penn is famous for when he attacked Bush as a war monger? Are 100,000 dead Syrians and 40 thousand of them innocent civilians in this civil war conflict not enough for Penn and his conscience of convenience?

What about Jaime Foxx who has no problem playing a president on the big screen and also attacking Bush with comments over the Iraq war in 200. He then told MSNBC in an interview, "I think George Bush and the guys that are there, just don't have the charisma to pull off the things that they're trying to do.”

Now fast forward to November 2012 when Foxx stood on stage at the Soul Train awards and called President Obama, “Our Lord and Savior.” Where is the charisma that this same “Lord and Savior” was supposed to possess to dazzle and impress the world’s nations with? Foxx, like his fellow actors are cowards whose principles shift with the box office printouts of their latest movies, and took cover when Obama decided to use military action as a run up to a possible war.

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  • Any voting for some one because of there race is a racist. 

    TAKE ACTION. Spread this truth. 

  • It makes me sick to my stomach when some idiot (Jaime Fox) would have the stupidity to call owebummer, a muslim, our Lord and Savior! Wouldn't that statement be labeled as blasphemy? Another brain dead hollywierdo with a microphone :(

  • Hollywood people are liars.  Their very occupation classifies them as such: liars.  You cannot trust these people who have an insatiable desire for an evil spot light.  Let's give them a dose of truth, of righteousness.  This Tuesday, September 10th, Tea Party Patriots will partner with numerous other pro-liberty groups to participate in the Exempt America Rally on the West Lawn of the US Capitol in Washington, DC at 12pm. This rally is taking place to demand that Congress delay the implementation of Obamacare by refusing to stop spending money on the law.


    Let's flood the place out.  Afterwards, why don't we meet for a get-together in WMAL or WTOP or the Washington (?)Post, Channel 4 or Channel 5 or Channel 7 or Channel 9 or John Boehner's office or all other offices of representatives or all offices of senators or the White House  (isn't that our home?) and afterwards, let's take a walk.  Perhaps we could go and feel the marvelous breeze and enjoy the scenic view on an overpass above I-495 (the Washington DC Beltway).  Afterwards, let's all go home, you know, our house; it's at 1600 Pennsylvania  Avenue (Route 4), Washington, DC.  Perhaps we could have cookies and milk.


    The NEXT DAY:  On September 11, two major items are occurring.  First, there is the Million Muslim March. Secondly, in response to the Million Muslim March, is the TWO MILLION BIKER RIDE TO DC.  The Bikers want people who do not have bikes to join them by using cars, trucks, standing with banners, and protests with banners displayed on I-495 overpass banners, et al.  We need to join them!  If you just cannot do it due to distance or time or money, do it in your area.


    Let's Roll! 


    Do you suppose the following link means that someone has the actual proof that BO knew about Benghazi at its outset and that he also committed treason?   Do you suppose that Hillary was involved?  Oh, what does it matter anyway!  Oh my................. 




    In 47 seconds, this is what Reverend Manning has to say of BO:



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  • they are as treasonous as there messiah Foxx said so himself

  • funny how the rules of the game change, when a democrat president decides to go to war....I got over this first black president thing, in about 2 sec. now, over 4 years later we are a weak, broke country, that is destroying itself from within.

  • I don't like Hollywood.

  • Come to think about it, isn't the movie industry moving out of Hollywood to other places? Seems to me I read somewhere there were some headed to Canada.

  • As usual, the celebrities can play heroes on the screen, but in real life don't know what they are doing!

    No wonder I don't go to movies any more!

  • They are morons living in fantasyland.  Until obozo's schemes bite them in the butt, they'll think he's great.   He's a fashion accessory for them - like a handbag, baby and 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. spouses.  They think he's "cool".  So is a dead body.

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