As a nation, being the United States of America, do we really think that we can fix our problems apart from following Jesus Christ? Can we deny God's word on every hand and create a society that can co- exist with people that refuse to obey any law? Any law in any country is based on God's Holy Word, if not tell me where it comes from? Let's say there is a country that we see as doing things against us and disobeying every law that God set up for the world to live by. The question is what do they expect from their own people, they have laws, based on God's word such as THOU SHALT NOT STEAL. If their people steal they will pay the price. The nation might not acknowledge God in any way but they do in the law they place upon their people. Even a person in this country that does not believe God is real does not want anyone to break in their house or kill them. In this they are stating theit belief in the laws God sets in place.

We, as a nation, think we can make a certain people abide in perfection as they do their job, such as policeman but right on the other hand will allow other people to be far less than any standard that we might set. What kind of law is that?

The ruls of law no longer exists in our country, if you have enough money or know the right people or hold the right office you can do anything you please and it will be covered up or simply never mentioned or dwelt with. Al of our laws are subject to what a judge somewhere deems it is a a specific time with specific people. What kind of law is that?

Who's side are you on? There was a story once about a woman and a fruit tree. God said thou shalt not eat of the fruit of this tree, in the day that you do, you will surely die.

Another man said, did God say?   He caused the woman to question God. She did not die a physical death that day but you can count on the fact that she did die spiritually, just as our nation is spiritually dead as long as we side with those that question God.

This same man questioned Jesus Christ, He took Him to a high place and said, cast yourself down, the angels will bare you up. Jesus answered, thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.

He also told Him to turn the stone to bread, Jesus said, Man shall not live by bread alone.

He also told Him to follow him and he would make Him rich and famous, Jesus told him, love the Lord thy God and Him only shall thou serve.

We, as a nation have bowed to the god of material and riches and it's not working for us, in our laws, finances, moral fiber or any other aspect of our lives.

We live in a country that have at least three generation that do not know God for who He truly is, our god is money and education, even behind our pulpits. Our children are decieved by a false understanding of who Jesus Christ really is and what He desires of them. all this because we tbe people chose to follow the wrong god.

TO WHOM DO YOU FOLLOW? Maybe we need to drop to our knees and pray. LORD TEACH ME TO FOLLOW THE TRUE AND LIVING GOD, He is still real and able to transform you and your family, even a nation that has forgotten Him. It must start with me..


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  • I agree with what you are saying but we must also work to help ourselves and stop the destruction that is going on by both the establishment and Obama. I write 30 letters a month to Boehner, Mitch McConnell, John McCain and others. I send another 30+ Faxes to them telling them what I want to see and the concern many people have. We must make our feelings know on a regular basis and call them and tell them. We can make a difference. Try it and be sure to send your letters to many friends and ask them to do the same and if they want use your letter. We can make a difference.
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