As 2013 draws to a close, Christmas Wishes...


The Serenity prayer… staple of alcoholics, addicts and troubled people everywhere. Edited for our group use, HE won’t mind… As a recovering alcoholic now in my twelfth year of sobriety, I have found special meaning in this prayer. As Edwin G Hose Pro Se, it has saved my soul and served as my guided path to arrive at where I am today. You surely have seen “Footprints”, in which God carries us in times of troubled insecurity. HE has carried me for 99% of my life. With His help and these words of meaning, I have am now better prepared to carry myself. I choose to walk among like minded people. While The Tea Party focuses on the major problems which plague our country today (illegal immigration is but one), I have enjoyed being granted permission and given grateful assistance in telling my true story from this AMERICAN platform. For most, mine is a matter to be dismissed and disregarded. For me it has been a matter of absolute necessity to tell. I am much more likely to maintain my sanity having done so. For those of you who have noticed my presence, I have come here to officially report the gang rape of my character, integrity and soul by Buca Inc(NASDAQ) and one ( or two, Mr. Owsiany) unscrupulous lawyer ( Lois Glanby ). In my Pro Se action(s) I had attempted to report the crime, but not being a lawyer I have failed to provide myself the sought after trial that had been stolen from me. This apparent failure however is not actually a failure. A specific purpose has been achieved. THE ILLEGALLY OBTAINED AND DECEPTIVELY FILED “AGREEMENT” IN HOSE V BUCA INC CASE 2:07-CV-00242 HAS BEEN SHREDDED AND DISPOSED OF. The “non disparagement” clause in this “generic” document has been the primary motivation, TRUTH IS NOT DISPARAGEMENT. I have posted 30+ documents from bygone years that tend to confirm my allegations. It was my intent to have a jury hear this. From a lie made by a general manager in an unemployment case, to the intentional devaluation and disappearance of stock issued by the corporation because of being caught in it, I have been in a living nightmare ever since. It is said that God has a sense of humor… I have seen it and laughed along with Him. LOL, of all the attorneys in Pittsburgh to choose from, I had to find THE WORST ( ask anyone in the Western District of Pa ). One who was perfectly willing to spit in the face of her clients, exhibit blatant misconduct and file a fraudulent document in court, sacrifice her “career”, and place herself in bankruptcy. This all done to protect the Buca name. I now repay in kind by spitting in the face of Buca Inc. former board members and the named attorney. I am sure Planet Hollywood International Inc PHWDQ.PK was very proud to have agreed to this MERGER. I wonder if they too have been duped, or were entirely complicit? Perhaps Robert Earl, the FBI or SEC will one day answer that for me. Until that day comes… I am free.    

          I am krill in the sea of life, first link in the food chain here wishing all of  you DESERVING AMERICANS a very MERRY *CHRIST*MAS       ,  and a HEALTHY, HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS 2014. May God bless America.       

                                  Edwin G Hose: Electronic Pro Se (Moosetraxx) 2008-2013


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