I AM PISSED!!!! We give the schools (run by Unions and Liberals) the smartest and brightest 5 year olds and the schools give us back the most ignorant mental midgets out of high school. In Arizona people are crying about school funding....Why the HELL should we continue supporting that… We homeschooled and our kids have AA college degrees when most kids are fresh out of highschool and on their second abortion (schools love that... because in their minds it's SO LIBERATING) and can not figure their ass from a hole in the ground… The tragedy of the whole dam thing is we are loosing an incredible generation of bright minds to a system that tells the youth WHAT TO THINK…. NOT HOW TO THINK. You leftists are worse that child molesters… SCREW YOU and when SHTF you will be awake but you will have to look in the mirror to place the blame.

Liberals are liberal about SEX!!! Beyond that they are 100% about SLAVERY and HATE.

Let's examine the policies they introduce on a regular basis and the resulting effect.

  1. Governmental care (welfare) produces a dependency and nurtures NON productivity and by natural law subordinates to the provider.
  2. Slaves! Consistent dismantling of biblical truth creates a society of morally bankrupt people that have no foundation so they follow the religion of government.
  3. The Federal takeover of our schools, teaches children WHAT to think NOT HOW to disseminate information, and if you (the student) disagree… you are reviled as a mental midget and berated. (an usurping of power of the parents and over the youth)
  4. Free to murder the unborn innocent but not put to death the guiltiest (Death row murderers). Creating a dependence on a support group NOW and Planned Death or parenthood, to appease the continual guilt of abortion justification therefore rather than reconciliation, forgiveness and peace.
  5. Dismantling the second amendment turns citizens into subjects and increases crime. (Statistically proven). They use civilizations as a tool for personal power and financial gain. Just look at what they have done to the minorities.
  6. They tell minorities on a regular basis that they are so STUPID and WEEK that they cannot get along without the white liberals to feed and cloth them (welfare). Then they sell the story that they will never be rich so let’s go rob the rich man so you can be a SLAVE TO THE STATE. Brothers, I thought you hated slave ownership… Do you not realize that you only traded the Democrat plantation owner for the Democrats party? To the Hispanics they say NO BORDERS because we need the Hispanic SLAVE LABOR and more importantly VOTES. While Men are enslaved, women and children get raped left to die in the Sonora desert; While both Democrats and Republicans utilize the drug trade for the purpose of Federal expansion and creation of a police state with a so called war on drugs. States have become nothing more than a dairy cow of the federal government. Milked for all it can produce and then suckled on the tits of pork barrel projects to pacify the anger of the electorate.

  7. The LEFT contribute to the death of the most honored among us, Our solders and Veterans!!! They vote to send them into battle then tie them to prolong the battle so as to milk from them financial and political gain. They empower and encourage our enemy by publicizing our failings and hiding our victory’s. All in the name of political campaign victories.

  8. They use political correctness to destroy the first amendment as they cannot seem to win a debate on the facts. This from those who say I am inferior for not attending college. The left “for being so enlightened” are about the most inbred ignorant people in the United States. They scream “Freedom of speech” until they get offended. What offends them? Predominantly anything that encompasses common sense or simply the TRUTH!!! These people defile the constitution and the majority of what our founders intended.

  9. Let us make sure to vote them out every chance we get; Left or right. This war in America and is going to be won or lost with BALLETS NOT Bullets. As predictable as ever, these liberal simpletons believe that we will grab our guns and run on Washington…. They are pushing and insulting our populace to create an Oklahoma Bombing scenario just to further there cause. They want someone to pop…

Look gang don’t buy the lie any longer… 2010 election is the battle field and the vote is the bullet. EVERY NON CONSTITUTIONAL elected OR appointed official needs to be replaced. I do not care IF THEY ARE DEMECRAT OR REPUBLICAN!!! Do not let politics destroy our great nation. Get the government back to the STATE level where we can confront and control it.

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