How many are aware that Congress passed and Obama signed into law a bill which completely removed your Constitutional rights.  If you doubt this get a copy of the NDAA and simply scan it over, I promise you will be convinced.  The only reason most people deny this is because it isn't being enforced at present.  There is however a plan already on the books to do just that, enforce it, look up REX84.  Further attacks on your Freedom are easy to find in the Affordable Health Care Act, or Obama Care, which is long on control of your Liberty and short on health care.  I can name much more legislation aimed at the destruction of your Constitution (Patriot Act for one) however there is a more immediate concern.  Over the past few days the UN has been meeting in Mexico discussing worldwide gun confiscation from all civilians including Americans.  Actually Americans are their number one focus aided by the Democrat party and Barak Obama.  Parts of the discussions involve how UN troops can be utilized to assist Obama's HSA collect guns from American citizens.  If you say, "he can't do it without Congress signing off on it", think about the Iran deal or health care act or any one of the other times he has done an end run around Congress and Congress did nothing at all!  You might, also, want to consider the fact that every Democrat in the Senate signed on to the UN Arms Treaty against the wishes of almost 80% of American citizens.  


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